Le Labo Just Launched Shampoo and Conditioner in Their Most Popular Scents

Yes, including Santal 33.

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Back in 2016, there was only one thing made the tourist-filled, trash-lined streets of New York's SoHo neighborhood smell good: Santal 33. The iconic Le Labo fragrance is a heavy-hitter amongst it-girls, and walking through downtown NYC meant that you were bound to catch a wiff of the brand's woody fragrance off at least one fashionable stranger (or perhaps even off one of its many celeb fans). Over five years later, the scent is still a staple of the chicest among us, available in the form of body lotion, shower gel, and bar soap in addition to the OG Eau De Parfum. Now, your hair can smell trendy, too, with Le Labo's Perfuming Shampoo and Conditioner ($60 each) finally available in the brand's most popular scents, including the one and only Santal 33.

The Brand

Le Labo began its operation to revolutionize perfumery in 2006 in its first lab in Nolita, NYC. While body sprays and perfumes heavy on sweet vanilla and bright floral fragrances were at their peak popularity in the mid-aughts, Le Labo introduced woodsy and earthy scents while proving that these formerly "granola" fragrance notes can be chic. The brand emphasizes its artisanal heritage—they customize the label for you at their apothecary-themed stores—and despite its mass popularity it still has a very if-you-know-you-know vibe surrounding it.

Since the brand's launch, Le Labo has created cult fragrances like Santal 33, Rose 31, Bergamote 22, and Thé Noir 29, which all have a cozy yet unexpected feel, making them wearable for any situation. Le Labo's intricate scents and minimalist packaging cemented its status as an it-brand, and it's expanded into candles, bodycare, hair products, and skincare.

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Le Labo

The Inspiration

The Perfuming Shampoo and Conditioner brings the brands signature scents to your hair. While Le Labo already offered shampoo and conditioner to fortify the scalp and nourish the strands, the products were only available in basil and hinoki scents. With the brand's new Perfuming Shampoo and Conditioner, customers can enjoy the shampoo in some of Le Labo's best-selling fragrances, including Santal 33, Rose 31, Bergamote 22, and Thé Noir 29.

The Formula

Although the main appeal of the Perfuming Shampoo and Conditioner may be the iconic fragrances, the formula is also packed with ingredients to add shine and moisture to your hair. First up, the Perfuming Shampoo contains provitamin B5, which can smooth rough texture. The Perfuming Shampoo also contains aloe, an ingredient that can soothe scalp irritation and add shine to lackluster hair.

The Perfuming Conditioner also has aloe, as well as shea butter, which can help to lock moisture into the hair shaft and shield the follicles from environmental stressors. This conditioner also contains sweet almond oil, an ingredient known for conditioning the hair from root to tip and preventing breakage and splitting.

The Perfuming Conditioner comes in four of Le Labo's hero scents—here's a refresher of each fragrance, in case you need it:

Santal 33: This fragrance is your go-to if you like smelling like you're on an upscale retreat in Joshua Tree. Santal 33 contains Australian sandalwood and cedarwood to evoke a desert campfire, while a delicate mix of cardamom, iris, and violet grounds the fragrance in a calming floral scent.

Rose 31: If smelling like an expensive bouquet is more your speed, go for this Perfuming Shampoo and Conditioner. Rose is typically used in fragrances for a heady scent that smells straight up like potpourri—Rose 31, on the other hand, combines Grasse rose with spicy cumin and warm cedar to make this scent wearable on anyone.

Bergamote 22: Fans of bright scents will want to get their hands on this fragrance that's packed to the brim with fresh citrus. Bergamote 22 contains citrusy bergamot, bittersweet grapefruit, floral petitgrain, and grounding musk.

Thé Noir 29: This fragrance is ideal for anyone who gravitates toward warm, rich scents. Thé Noir 29 has fig notes that adds sweetness and depth, while black tea leaf provides a dry aromatic edge, similar to tobacco. Basically, if you only hang out at sexy speakeasies, this is the one for you.

The Perfuming Shampoo and Conditioner are available for $60 each on lelabofragrances.com.

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