I Have a Fragrance Hoarding Problem, But I Finally Found The One


Isabella Behravan

They say that love will arrive when you least expect it, often when it feels most inconvenient. Well, it turns out this adage doesn't just apply to human contact: I've fallen head over heels for a fragrance that is only available in a city halfway across the world. Long-distance relationships have never been my thing, but in this case, I'm a goner. And though I already have a bottle in my clutches, I'm already anxious about how we're going to make this work.

The only ones who are probably more shocked about this development than I am are my co-workers, who have watched me accumulate dozens upon dozens of fragrances over the years (as you can see to my left in the photo below). I have always been a perfume polygamist. The issue was never that I hadn't found The One since I have so many scents that I truly adore. I have simply always loved the inherently abstract quality of fragrance and its ability to replicate a mood or memory through a carefully curated series of notes. There is nothing more comforting to me, for example, than the scent of sweet musk, amber, and lily—the notes of my mother's preferred fragrance, Dior's Dune (which, as fate would have it, she began wearing the year I was born).