Take a Better Selfie With This Lipstick Hack

While our everyday makeup motto is “less is more,” when it comes to lipstick, it’s a whole other story. Why should we have to choose between a red or a nude? A metallic or a subtle sheer? That's where the age-old art of layering lipsticks comes in. What better way to indulge the more maximalistic makeup impulses the holiday season brings out in us? NARS senior makeup artist Niko Lopez agrees: “It [adds] more saturation and dimension to the lips, so the color won't just last longer, but you’ll take a better selfie too,” he explains. A better selfie? Influencer Carissa Alvarado was all in.

Alvarado took the limited-edition NARS x Man Ray The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set ($39) for a spin to prove how easy it is to mix and match lip colors. She worked with four lip pencils: Endangered Red, a matte bordeaux; Wild Ways, a limited-edition sheer mahogany; Toundra, a matte rust; and Spellbound, a limited-edition sheer, shimmery pink-beige. As far as rules go—there weren’t any. Lopez’s only piece of advice is to pick a color you love, then to choose another shade that’s in the same family but two to three tones darker—the rest is up to you.

Want in on the action? Alvarado created three layered lip looks and is sharing how to get each below.