Laverne Cox Byrdie shoot

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Legend [noun]: a person who is revered; the handing down of stories from generation to generation.

Letter from the Editor

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On set, Laverne Cox sang opera in the makeup chair. She danced the entire day, pirouetting from one end to the other with delicate ease. In front of the camera, she moved with intention and posed with a stoic power. At one moment she was extravagantly theatrical and the next? Casual; laid-back; easy. It's hard to describe but it was stunning to watch. That's a legend, I thought over and over that day. And thus, our seventh digital issue was born.

Legends, as a word, has a visceral feeling. It's storied, passed down, and revered. We wanted this theme to feel both regal in design and moving in content, just like our cover star. In the issue, you’ll find stories about our own icons; the ones who have inspired us, empowered us, and perhaps even changed the trajectory of our lives. There's a spotlight on Black excellence—our own special ode to Black beauty in honor of Black History Month—along with discussion about what modern love looks like in 2022. Overall, this issue is meant to celebrate the new guard of tastemakers and thought leaders remodeling their respective industries in their own image.

Of course, we couldn't launch a digital issue in February without mentioning the one thing on everyone's mind: the cold weather. Scroll down to find a few serviceable offerings on what to wear, what products to apply, and how to make it to spring unscathed.

— Hallie Gould, editorial director

On the Cover

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When it comes to drawing on personal experience to get into character, nothing is more valuable than a direct parallel. Years ago, Laverne Cox met a stranger at a speaking engagement and the pair established a rapport. "He was the first fan I really befriended," the actress told me between sips of black coffee. He confided in her about his trans sister's recent suicide and his own terminal illness...

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The B-Side

We're flipping the script and spotlighting the geniuses behind these looks.

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Icons Only

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