8 Soothing Lavender Perfumes to Get You Out of This Winter Funk

Lavender holds a very special place in my heart; I credit that specific note to introducing me to the beauty world. Growing up with a mom who wears next-to-no makeup and has never gotten botox (which I'm aware now is very anti-L.A. of her), the only beauty product that my mom ever cared for was her favorite lavender-based fragrance. This beautiful clear, rectangle bottle sat on her nightstand and omitted the loveliest smell. She eventually started letting me use it myself and I was hooked. Now, whenever I catch a whiff of that floral note, I'm immediately calm and happy, no matter what I happen to be doing.

Lavender doesn't always have to smell sweet and floral. There are so many different iterations of the scent that it can suit pretty much every taste. Here are eight fragrances to soothe your soul, especially when it's dark, cold, and gloomy outside.