8 Soothing Lavender Perfumes to Get You Out of This Winter Funk



Lavender holds a very special place in my heart, and I credit this floral note for introducing me to the fragrance world. I grew up with a mom who wears minimal makeup, and the only beauty product she ever truly loved was her favorite lavender-based fragrance. The clear, rectangle bottle always sat on her nightstand and had the loveliest smell. I was eventually allowed to wear it and was instantly hooked. Now, whenever I catch a whiff of that delightful note, I'm immediately calm, happy, and a bit nostalgic.

Lavender doesn't always have to smell sweet and floral. There are many different iterations of the scent, possessing the ability to match almost anyone's preference. Here are eight of our favorite lavender fragrances to soothe your soul. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your new favorite daily fragrance!

Fueguia 1833 Halo Lunar $301

Inspired by the bright moon-lit sky, this fragrance contains notes of lavender, ambergris, and sandalwood for an earthy, herbal scent with a smooth, warm undertone.

Dasein Winter Nights $125

There's nothing like a musk to make you feel warm when it's below freezing outside. Winter Nights pairs notes of lavender with cardamom for a smoky scent we'd like to enjoy with a good book and hot chocolate.

Acqua Di Parma 'Colonia' Eau De Cologne Natural Spray
Acqua di Parma Colonia Eau de Cologne Natural Spray $194

The fresh floral scent of English lavender is nicely balanced with notes of vetiver and sandalwood, creating a fresh, woody aroma. Even if you live on the 5th floor walkup in NYC, this scent will have you dreaming of thick trees and rolling hills.

D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop $175

D.S. & Druga has a story behind this curious name. In 1891, the Curling Bros. Barbershop burned down in Westlake, N.Y. All of the shaving tonics burned, emitting a blended scent of spearmint, lime, vanilla, and lavender— and they imagine this perfume smells exactly like it. You'll enjoy these notes mixed with burnt oil for a nice smoky finish that will warm you right up.

Gucci Moonlight Serenade
Gucci Moonlight Serenade $280

From the whimsical name to the delicately designed bottle, this lavender scent is all about romance. Blended with sage and tonka bean, this perfume is the perfect final touch to your favorite date look.

Chanel Boy
Chanel Boy $200

Bright and zestful, this scent combines classic lavender with geranium and sandalwood, with notes of heliotrope and musk. Intentionally bold, this perfume was inspired by expressing masculine and feminine energy simultaneously. Magnifique!

Hagen Connected Mesh Strap Hybrid Smart Watch
Jo Malone Amber and Lavender $140

This is a classic and beloved scent from Jo Malone. French lavender and myrrh are mixed together for a sweet, warm scent that just somehow smells cozy.

SJP Lovely
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely $68

Just like the beloved SJP herself, this lavender scent feels classic, and will never go out of style. Blended with notes of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, and apple martini (not cosmopolitan, sorry), this scent has a depth and effortless elegance.

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