Lauryn Hill's First Fashion Campaign Features the Most Breathtaking Beauty Looks

Updated 08/01/18

When you think of neo-soul legend Ms. Lauryn Hill, what comes to mind? For me, it's her iconic album of the '90s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill—specifically "Doo Wop (That Thing)." I can't even count how many times I've belted out "that thing, that thing, that thingggggg." Well, to celebrate 20 years since Hill shot that video in the Harlem theater, the 43-year-old singer starred in her first-ever fashion campaign with outerwear company Woolrich. The shoot features Hill in Harlem visiting her old stomping grounds.


At first glance, it's impossible to decipher if this shoot was fashion-focused or not because the beauty looks are to die for. Look at these sparkly, diamond-encrusted bobby pins worked into her faded buzz cut paired with this bedazzled eye. Simply gorgeous.

Lauryn Hill makeup
Courtesy of Woolrich

The campaign, called American Soul Since 1830, is for Woolrich's fall/winter 2018 capsule collection and aims to shed a light on "artists whose creative ingenuity is at the very heart of American culture." Rihanna's resident stylist Mel Ottenberg styled the campaign, but Ms. Hill herself played a big role as well.

Lauryn Hill beauty makeup
Courtesy of Woolrich

Vogue reports that Hill had a heavy hand in designing Woolrich's classic styles with her personal spin on them. We want to know if she also had a say in these beauty looks. Because damn, they're breathtaking. 

Lauryn Hill Woolrich campaign
Courtesy of Woolrich

What's so cool about the makeup looks is that they're true to Hill's soulful roots yet still so new-school and modern. 

Lauryn Hill Beauty Looks
Courtesy of Woolrich
Lauryn Hill Makeup
Courtesy of Woolrich

Ottenberg told Vogue he was stunned when he met Hill on the day of the shoot. "I rarely get starstruck,” Ottenberg told Vogue. “But she was a force to be reckoned with. She's a tough cookie, but so beautiful… A mega star, with such modern style. … We had her in all these really wild looks that symbolize who she is now as an artist, and the new approach of Woolrich." Woolrich's fall campaign will be released and available in the upcoming months. 

It's safe to say that even though Hill is considered a legend in the music industry, she is ever-evolving. And we hope to see even more makeup looks from her in the future because these might be her boldest beauty looks to date. 

Watch the campaign video below. 

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