Lauren Hutton on Age Positivity and the Sold-Out Lipstick She Keeps in Her Bag

Model and actress Lauren Hutton

StriVectin / Byrdie

The term "beauty icon" gets thrown around a lot, but if there's anyone unanimously agreed upon as deserving of the title, it might just be Lauren Hutton.

The supermodel-turned-actress took the industry by storm in the early 1970s with her wide gap-tooth smile, signing a legendary deal with Revlon and appearing on countless magazine covers. On the silver screen, her turn as the female lead in 1980's American Gigolo, opposite Richard Gere, underlined her status as an emblem of All-American fashion, clad in sophisticated trench coats and slim, high-waisted jeans in the perfect shade of indigo.

And that iconic career is still going strong. Nearly 50 years after landing that Revlon contract, Hutton is flashing her famous smile as a global brand ambassador for StriVectin, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary. And her presence is more than welcome: A StriVectin survey found that 59 percent of women over the age of 50 felt as though they weren’t being accurately represented in skincare advertising, and nearly 75 percent said that seeing a much younger woman in a skincare ad decreased their interest in purchasing a skincare product.

As for Hutton, it was StriVectin's overall pro-aging stance that attracted her to the brand. “I liked what they wanted to do and how they were shifting the conversation toward age positivity, instead of this idea of 'anti'-aging—which never made much sense to me,” she says. “I was really impressed that they were smart enough to speak to women of my generation. And then when I tried the products and learned more about the brand and how it started in a biomedical research lab, I was hooked.”

We asked Hutton about the products and practices that get her through the day; read on for what she had to say.

The One Product That Makes Her Feel Most Herself

Clinique’s Almost Lipstick ($22) in Pink and Black Honey. [I like to] put Black Honey on the inner edges of the lips and then Pink Honey all over.

What She Wishes the Beauty Industry Would Acknowledge About "Anti-Aging"

Whether it's beauty or fashion, there's an obsession with youth. But if we're lucky, we're all going to get old. I think it's time to realize that anti-aging is an old-fashioned term. There's a lot of research that shows that our attitudes have so much to do with how we age, so instead of worrying about this wrinkle or that spot, we should all be focused on taking good care of our skin and ourselves, and the industry can help shift that conversation for the future.

Lauren Hutton with a diverse group of StriVectin models


The One Skincare Product She Can't Live Without

I was never a big skincare user, but over the last few years, I've tried all sorts of StriVectin products. The one that has become a staple for me is the Wrinkle Recode Line Transforming Melting Serum ($89). I love the texture and the ritual of putting it on. It illuminates my skin and makes it feel full and nourished.

The (More Than) One Thing That Keeps Her Grounded

Above all, LOVE. Wildland and wild animals. Books. Spending many hours outside both day and night (with no light pollution, stars, and a telescope). Hanging with my friends, cooking and eating, good movies, calling my three younger sisters, and laughing!

The One Thing She Does Before Bed

Three things: Turn on the sounds of the ocean, thank my lucky stars, and put on Strivectin’s Advanced Retinol Nightly Renewal Moisturizer ($119).  

The Best Piece of Advice She's Ever Received

“This too…will pass." And from the I Ching—the world’s oldest book of wisdom—“perseverance furthers.” 

The One Lipstick That Is Always in Her Handbag

 Clinique’s Black and Pink Honey. 

The One Scent She Always Goes To

I don’t have one. I don’t wear perfume, but I moisturize with fresh toasted, amber-colored coconut oil that has a beautiful scent. 

The One Thing She'd Tell Her 25-Year-Old Self

Start reading history (Mesopotamia 1st) now! Get hooked. Begin with historic novels about the greats: Alexander the Great, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, John Man’s Genghis Khan (A Great’s Great), etc., etc.

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