Lauren Conrad Just Cut Her Hair Shorter Than Ever—and It's So French


Joshua Blanchard/Getty

Every time Lauren Conrad steps out in public, her cat-eye flick is on point, her blonde hair is sleek and styled into those refined waves, and her complexion is fresh and radiant. (We guess you don't get to be crowned the queen of DIY projects and Pinterest-worthy beauty without looking the part.)

Her style has definitely changed since the glory days (yes, we are in fact referring to Laguna Beach and The Hills—not necessarily her glory days, but they're kind of ours, as far as reality television is concerned). She's forgone the T-shirt-and-jeans look for dresses and jumpsuits, just like she's left behind the "I just came from the beach" look in regard to her hair and makeup.

Today, though, she just might have completed her style evolution: She chopped her hair off into a short bob. It's super chic and Parisian-inspired. Keep scrolling to see Lauren Conrad's new, short hair.