6 Latinx Creators Share How They Celebrate Their Culture Through Beauty

In representation, family beauty secrets, and more.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to center the voices of Hispanic Americans who use their influence to make space for the Latinx community. The annual event, which takes place between September 15 and October 15, honors Hispanic culture via art, food, music, tradition, and other forms of expression. And, it's important to acknowledge how beauty plays a significant role in that celebration. 

Ahead, meet six beauty influencers using their social media presence (and beauty skills) to showcase their heritage. Read how they use their platforms to create a safe place for the Latinx community, showcase their favorite beauty products, and pass on generational beauty secrets. 

Alba Ramos (@mrsalbaramos)

Beauty Inspiration: New techniques and tricks. 

Favorite Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Ceremonia

On Celebrating Heritage Through Content: “I believe representation is important. In my content, I share how proud I am of my upbringing to inspire young girls to feel proud about their background too. I also love sharing the traditional beauty tips I’ve learned from my mother and abuela.” 

Favorite Family Beauty Secret: “My mom and abuela often made different types of hair masks and simple skin remedies. One of the favorites—that I continue to use to this day—is an avocado, egg, and olive oil hair mask that softens and conditions my curls deeply. I also love using the gel from the aloe vera plant to soothe sun-exposed skin and promote hair growth. I learned that from my abuela long ago!”

Victor Ramos (@vicmram)

Beauty Inspiration: Music videos, movies, and peers.

Favorite Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands: Beauty Creations, Dezi Skin, Dominique Cosmetics, Artist Couture, and Rare Beauty.

On Celebrating Heritage Through Content: “I celebrate my heritage by embracing looks that were inspired by people who look like me. There are so many aspects of being Latinx that fall outside of stereotypes, and I think that showcasing these aspects through my artistry is super important.”

On Supporting Latinx IG Creators: “I use a lot of Latinx IG creators' brands in my posts and I show support by interacting with their content. Engaging is super important because it translates into so many opportunities that can be presented to Latinx creators and the community in general.”

Vianiris Abreu (@fabulous_via)

Beauty Inspiration: Lifestyle influencers, small routines, and actionable tips and tricks.

Favorite Latinx-Owned Brand: RizosCurls

On Celebrating Heritage Through Content: “I celebrate my heritage by speaking Spanish and identifying as a bi-lingual influencer. In addition to supporting fellow content creators, I also work with Dominican-owned small businesses and companies to showcase Dominican recipes and traditions. Through my travels to and from DR, I allow my followers to ask questions and learn about the political and socio-economic climate of the Dominican Republic.”

On Representation In the Beauty Industry: “I believe there is a lack of representation of Latinx folk in the beauty industry, especially folks in the Black diaspora. Most commonly, Latinx is limited to South and Central American. By taking up space and showing up as my full self, I can change the narrative of what a Latina influencer looks like. I share the differences between ethnicities and encourage others to educate themselves of the many identities within the Latinx heritage.”

Sully G (@sullyg_)

Beauty Inspiration: Editorial makeup, Joyjah Estrada, and KAMMI

Favorite Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands: Reina Rebelde and Sigma Beauty

On Celebrating Heritage Through Content: “I enjoy using signature colors and styles to create looks that represent my heritage. I love using a red lip for my makeup looks. It often reminds me of the red in both my flags and the ‘spicy’ reputation of my culture.” 

Favorite Family Beauty Secret: “My mom taught me to put a headscarf over my face when putting my clothes on so that my makeup doesn’t get messed up or stain my clothes. I think that was a pretty dope hack that I share with my friends every chance I get.”

Emely Moreno (@emelymorenooo)

Beauty Inspiration: Her sister

Favorite Latinx-Owned Brands: Botanika Beauty and Vivid Belleza

On Celebrating Heritage Through Content: “I celebrate my heritage by telling stories that show what the Latino experience. I speak and use Spanish phrases to tell those stories.”

On Supporting Latinx IG Creators: “I support other Latinx creators by collaborating, engaging with their content, and referencing their videos in my own videos. I also try to shop Latinx-owned businesses that represent our people.”

Monica Style Muse (@monicastylemuse)

Beauty Inspiration: Peers

Favorite Latinx-Owned Brands: Dominique Cosmetics, Melt Cosmetics, and Luna Magic

On Celebrating Heritage Through Content: "I celebrate my heritage by being myself. It's important for me to share who I am authentically through my family, Spanglish, Sazon, and all!"

On Representation In the Beauty Industry: "There's definitely been a significant change in the space, but there's absolutely more that needs to be done. Platforms like mines and many others will continue to use our voices to be the change we want to see."

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