13 Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks That Only Require Glitter

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Halloween has the tendency to completely sneak up on us. Yes, subconsciously we're aware that the seasons are changing, but somehow each and every year, we find ourselves in a disheveled state of panic the week prior to Halloween. And though you'd think we'd learn our lesson—what with a stacked itinerary of office parties, "costume encouraged" beauty events, and numerous other in-character festivities to attend—we haven't.

Thankfully, our Instagram feeds are the ultimate MVP when it comes to last-minute Halloween makeup looks. And lately, we've been especially stuck on glitter. True, there's a wealth of ghoulish fodder featuring mesmerizing makeup tutorials, but we're honestly just as happy to dust some glitter across our lids, lips, and hairlines and call it a night. Plus, a one-ingredient look requires zero commitment. With just a bit of glitter, you can channel a shooting star by day, a disco ball by night, and an incandescent unicorn by the 2 a.m. witching hour.

So in honor of glitter's costume-saving versatility, we rounded up a few of its best-ever beauty moments. Keep scrolling for the glittery makeup inspiration we think would serve as to-die-for last-minute Halloween looks.

Disco Look

Chunky, eye-catching glitter has always held a special place in our hearts. But in silver, it makes for an epic—dare we say, groovy—disco-themed Halloween look. Lemonhead's Spacejam in Midnight Society ($32) is all you'll need for a last-minute application.

Wood Nymph

Nix the cartoonish fawn makeup of Halloween seasons past and try channeling makeup artist Tobi Henney's glittering masterpiece instead. The ultimate wood nymph, no?

Millennial Pink

Rose-gold makeup is huge right now, so what better excuse to apply it in an arch just under brow bones? The last-minute Halloween look: Millennial Pink. Basic? Perhaps. Effortlessly gorgeous? Completely. (Just hit play if you don't believe us.)

Vintage Cirque

Honestly, we'd be happy to attend any Halloween party simply as Pat McGrath's makeup muse. But with this look's whimsical, vertical trail of silver down the eyelid, we're getting vintage cirque vibes.


Channel Vampira and sport a complementary swirl of teal, plum, and silver glitter on your lids and under your eyes. And though it's certainly not required, a juicy blood-red pout puts this last-minute Halloween makeup look over the top. MAC's Lip Glass in Baby's a Vamp 404 ($17) is the obvious choice.

Queen of Hearts

Blink pretty and keep a last-minute Queen of Hearts costume sweet, not scary, with an adorable shaped heart atop one (or both!) of your eyes.

Alien Aesthetic

If festival season has taught us anything, it's that glitter's not only for the face. Come Halloween, layer it on your strands for an alien-inspired aesthetic à la this magical moment created by none other than makeup artist Pat McGrath

Galactic Get-Up

Twist your hair into two high buns, sprinkle a generous pour of glitter all over your complexion, and add a swipe of clear, shimmering lip gloss (this one is stellar) for a five-minute galactic get-up this Halloween.


Hit a high note this Halloween with a last-minute K-pop costume. Layer lips with a moody lipstick and chunky flecks of glitter. Any color will work, but we're fans of this metallic finish.


Okay, this look can be upgraded with rhinestones, falsies, and a bright shade of eye shadow or two, but again, it's up to you. Glitter and shimmer are the crown jewels of this last-minute look, which we think has serious potential as a majestic Halloween hippie. Try Urban Decay's beloved Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner ($21) and perhaps a swipe or two from Sigma's Chroma Glow Shimmer + Highlight Palette ($39) for iridescent cheek and brow bones.

Head-to-Toe Glitter

When in doubt (or if you're simply not in the mood to choose a costume), covering yourself in head-to-toe glitter is never a bad option. This last-minute look is so pretty that no one will ask you what your costume is supposed to be, and Make Up For Ever's Glitters ($15) will help satisfy your shimmer fix.

Black Swan

An angelic swipe of bright silvery shimmer is juxtaposed with edgy, glitter-studded under-eyes. Try it as a last-minute Black Swan makeup moment. It's eye-catching sans the intense face paint.


No mask, no problem. Painting your eyelids and brows with gold shimmer, sequins, and glitter looks far prettier than any masquerade mask we've ever seen, and the gilded aesthetic could even work for a last-minute Cleopatra makeup look.

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