8 DIY Beauty Gifts You Can Make at the Last Minute

We get it. Life around the holidays can get a little chaotic. Between fast-approaching end-of-year projects, countless get-togethers, traveling, and the inevitable amount of time you’re clocking in the kitchen, holiday shopping can easily get pushed further and further down on that dreaded (and never-ending) to-do list. Worst-case scenario? It’s the night before a work soirée or family gift exchange and you’re not only empty-handed but you’re also completely uninspired to fight the insanity that is the pre-holiday shopping mall (cue the shudders). Luckily for you, there are plenty of lush beauty gifts that you can DIY right at home. Created with ingredients that you already have on hand, (or that you can easily pick up at your local Whole Foods), these last-minute gift ideas are as fun to whip up as they will be to use—in fact, you might not want to part ways.

Keep scrolling for our favorite beauty-inspired DIYs to give your loved ones this holiday season!

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Opening Image: Kate La Vie