Inside the Daily Routine of One of Hollywood's Biggest Rising Stars

You might recognize Larsen Thompson as the freckled, redheaded model-actress filling up your Instagram feed, but her talents don’t stop there. Surprisingly, modeling is the most recent addition to the 16-year-old’s impressive résumé—dance was her first passion. “I’ve been lucky to have been cast in things based on my ability to dance,” explains Thompson, who was only 4 when she slipped on her first pair of tap shoes.

Now dancing is intoxicating for her. “When I start dancing, I feel like a new person,” she tells us. “Whether I’m happy or sad, I’m able to express myself through movement.” And trust us, the girl knows how to move. Having been featured in everything from Sia music videos to viral YouTube videos, it’s clear that Thompson is a risk taker—both demure and audacious, she’s the ultimate poison girl. Given her fresh perspective and her ability to juggle so many things, we started wondering: How does someone so young and so busy stay so focused?

We recently had the chance to find out for ourselves while tagging along with the It girl as she went about her daily routine. One big topic we broached during our time with the native Angeleno? Her beauty must-haves, of course. Thompson tells us that the number one product you’ll find in her bag is Poison Girl, a chic new update on Dior’s cult-favorite Poison scent that was launched in the ’80s. Built on the idea that millennials can embody a range of opposing qualities, the playful, feminine perfume echoes both Thompson’s restrained modeling persona and her more outgoing side as a dancer.

Ready to get inspired?


Thompson’s day usually starts with a light, healthy breakfast. “I love having hard-boiled eggs and fruit,” she says. After fueling up, she tries to squeeze in a short workout to get energized for the day ahead. Once she’s done, she quickly gets ready. “I don’t do much with my skin,” she tells us. “I usually use a little foundation and concealer, and then I swipe on some mascara and lip gloss.” Like a true L.A. girl, Thompson is all about the fresh no-makeup makeup look, especially since she’s a dancer and thus constantly working out. For that reason, she says fragrance is the most important step in her beauty routine. 

She finishes off her getting-ready ritual with an empowering scent. Her current favorite? Dior Poison Girl ($60). “The rosy scent makes me feel so refreshed and confident in myself,” she shares, adding that she loves how stylish and girly the bottle is. With notes of Sicilian sweet orange, Calabrian bitter orange, neroli, Grasse rose, vanilla, and tonka bean, the seductive scent is youthful and sweet.


By the early afternoon, Thompson is packing up her essentials for a day at Academy of Dance, the Westlake Village dance studio you’ll find her at most days of the week. “[It depends] on the other work I have booked, but typically I do 25 hours of dance a week,” she explains. Because the majority of her time is spent at the studio, she never leaves home without a pair of sunglasses, a change of clothes, lip gloss, and, of course, her Dior fragrance for post-dance touchups. Thompson’s talents spread across multiple industries, so she needs to be prepared for any last-minute gigs that come her way.

Thompson tries to arrive at the studio early to get a warm-up in before class starts. Being a dancer requires being in tune with your body and taking good care of it—especially for someone like Thompson, who is also a model.

Stretching your muscles before and after class helps prevent injuries and improve flexibility.

The Wind-Down

For Larsen, dance classes start in the afternoon and go into the evening, depending on the day. “I’ve been dancing for well over a decade, training in all styles, including jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap, and contemporary,” says Thompson. “But I mostly focus on contemporary and hip-hop because those are my favorites. I’ve been blessed to be able to do what I love at such a young age. Dancing has let me be part of many live performances, TV shows, commercials, and music videos, and I never take that for granted.”

After a rigorous afternoon of dancing, Thompson cools off at the studio before heading home, where she typically ends her day relaxing, watching TV, eating dinner, and catching up on homework.

Our takeaway? She’s your regular American teenager who has worked incredibly hard to achieve It-girl status. "I feel so lucky to be able to travel and do what I love to do at 16 years old," says Thompson, who is proof that it pays to follow your passions—with enough drive and determination, anything is possible. Whether she winds up walking the runway during fashion week or dancing in the next big music video, we know this young talent's career is just getting started—and we can't wait to see what happens next.

What’s your passion? Tell us; then go discover which passions drove Dior in creating its latest fragrance, Poison Girl.

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