If You've Been on the Fence About Large Braids, These 13 Examples Will Convince You

closeup box braids with puka shells


Box braids are a killer protective style. Instead of a damaging blowout or straightening treatment, box braids don’t require any heat at all. Instead, your stylist will focus on treating your hair beforehand, and on helping you understand the process for keeping hair healthy for as long as you keep the box braids installed. Like most braiding styles, it’s going to take a while. Prepare to spend more than just the afternoon in the salon chair—instead, you’re looking at a full day’s work, hence the pricey cost of anywhere between $100-$300. But once the washing, drying, sectioning, and braiding is complete, you’re set for up to eight weeks of a hairstyle that you can count on.

But, just because you have your dream hairstyle, that doesn’t mean you have to just let it sit there. Mix things up instead by turning to our favorite inspiration of all things beauty and haircare: Instagram. The hair influencers (Hairfluencers?) of Instagram have truly nailed the look of box braids, turning that time-consuming endeavor into a work of art.

Here are 13 large and jumbo box braid styles to help inspire you to finally commit to the style gracing our Insta-feeds.

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Delicate Strands

Let your braids do the work. After all, you didn’t get show-stopping large braids for nothing, did you? To accomplish this style, pull all of your braids back into a tight low bun except for two braids. Once those braids are hidden, let two braids fall loose, with one on either side of your face to frame your cheekbones.

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Pigtail Braids

Add height to large braids by pulling a few braids upward and banding them on either side of your head. Especially when paired with a natural makeup look, this style comes across as pretty damn cute.

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Low Ponytail

Bring the everyday braid to the box braid with this style. The secret to a look like this one is a healthy scalp, and Oribe's Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment ($48) has a tiny tip that makes it easy to deposit product just where you need it. Now you can take selfie after selfie without worrying about any flakes getting in the way of those likes.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

Go for a more mature half-up, half-down hairstyle by tying a few of your large braids closer to the nape of your neck. Let the rest hang freely.

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Center-Part Box Braids

After making sure your scalp is nice and clean by using a product like Curlsmith Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash ($56), make the center-part your new look by making it the centerpiece of your large braids. Top things off with an accessory of your choice.

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Balayage Large Box Braids

Still obsessed with balayage? Same. Ask your stylist to blend your braids so that the hair gets lighter as it transitions from your scalp to your ends.

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High-Wrapped Braids

Even though Aliya wears her hair in locs, this is a style that would look just as incredible with box braids. Pile your large braids onto your head, and let the wrap take to the spotlight. I love a neutral tone like this one, and you can mix things up by choosing a fabric that feels true to your personality and sense of style.

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Celeb-Inspired Knotted Braids

While celebs like Rihanna have turned to the knotless box braid, Jhene Aiko proves that there’s still a place for knotted large braids. By focusing on a healthy scalp with help from a killer product like IGK's Trust Issues ($29), a scalp rebalancing treatment that doesn’t have to be washed out, you can afford to draw extra attention to your baby hairs and get away with not having a part at all. Instead, let your braids fall where they may.

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On those days where our brows are just too good to let hide behind large braids, we opt for a fan favorite: a topknot. Simply loop your braids up into a twist, and then take to your baby hair, using a gel like Oribe Curl Gelée for Shine & Definition ($44) to smooth out and design your edges.

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Pop of Color

If you want to step into the world of brightly colored strands without going all the way, add four or five large braids in a fun color like purple, green, or pink.

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E-Girl Twist

Who among us doesn’t secretly wish she was edgier? By adding metallic accessories and tying in a simple black bandana, you, too, can feel like the E-Girl of your dreams.

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Cotton Candy-Inspired

Add a little levity to your braids by reaching for soft, colorful stands, like this sugary look that’s giving us major cotton candy vibes. Pile your large braids atop your head, and add a clip or two to add some flair.

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Natural Details

Beyond parting your hair this way or that, two unique ways to differentiate your braids from the others across the Internet are to switch up your parts (are you seeing these zigzags? Because we're obsessed) and to add details. Natural details like these metallic clips and cowrie shells turn your hair into a true work of art.

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