I Love This Natural Sunscreen More Than Cake (and So Does Lara Worthington)


In today's episode of "Following Lara Worthington On All the Socials", the Australian beauty guru has given us a peek at the mineral sunscreen she's currently wearing in the south of France, via Instagram Stories. There to attend a Dior fragrance launch at the former residence of one Christian Dior (Google Château de La Colle Noire—it's magnificent), Lara's recent snaps have been breathtaking. But in amongst the expected shots of idyllic scenery, and this gorgeous leather dress, I was delighted to see her give a little love to her go-to sunscreen. I'm taking this recommendation as further proof Lara has exceptional taste in skincare, because, as it turns out, her UV of choice is also my favourite. The product in question? Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield Mineral Defence SPF50+ ($69). Take a look below.

Anyone who's searched for a natural sunscreen with high protection can tell you how hard it is to find one with a sophisticated formula. Most I've tried are either greasy, or have a texture similar to the chalky zinc of my childhood. Not this one though. Yes, it is thicker than your average chemical sunscreen, but as you pat it on it disappears almost instantly. (It has self-adjusting colour technology too, which helps.) Spiked with conditioning ingredients and antioxidants, it's the perfect protective moisturiser year-round. As a vocal fan of the entire Ultraceuticals range (shout out to my longtime bae Even Skin Tone Serum, $112), I can truly say I love this SPF more than cake. (So, a lot then.) I'd call it the perfect mineral sunscreen, and I reckon Lara would agree.

If you're in the market for a drugstore mineral-only UV, I also rate Invisible Zinc's SPF50+ ($29), which is available at Priceline.

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