Lagoon Nails Bring the Beauty of the Ocean to Your Fingertips

lagoon nails example


A trip to the pool or ocean is—hands down—one of the best parts of summer. But, even if your plans don't include a splash in the water, you can still channel the seasonal vibe with lagoon nails. The latest in nail trends is a strikingly cool way to incorporate shades of turquoise or blue-green into your tips. Enter: lagoon nails. You can wear lagoon nails with solid opaque colors or replicate water ripples with glitter and texture. Ahead, find some unique lagoon-inspired manicures to screenshot before your summer nail sesh

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Rainbow Fish Nails

lagoon nails


The bold use of chrome polish and the addition of wavy abstract lines remind us of water waves and, if we're being honest, The Rainbow Fish, one of our favorite books from back in the day.

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Moody Metallics Nails

lagoon nails


A solid color manicure never fails, but adding chrome to a classic color adds a cooler touch. Try a blue, turquoise, or green base plus chrome to achieve this gorgeous shiny look. 

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Velvet Lagoon Nails

lagoon nails example


Incorporate two trends with this nail look—lagoon nails and velvet nails. To achieve the latter, simply use shimmering, semi-metallic polish. It looks just like velvet in the light.

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Holographic Chrome Nails

lagoon nails example


This dark turquoise is stunning. To achieve this holographic chrome hue, use HoloTaco's Aquafoil Polish ($14).

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Double Blue Nails

lagoon nails example


Another way to add your own spin on lagoon nails is by changing the polish on every other nail. Apply a solid, light blue hue on some nails and a bold glitter polish on the others.

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