Everything We Know So Far About Haus Beauty—Lady Gaga's Very Own Makeup Brand

Updated 05/10/18
Lady Gaga Haus Beauty
Getty Images

The rumors are true, everyone. It looks like Little Monsters and beauty aficionados everywhere have been able to confirm (with pretty solid proof) that Lady Gaga will indeed be launching her very own makeup and beauty brand entitled Haus Beauty. And while there is no specific launch date, glittery product teasers, or actual word from the singer herself, here's what we do know.

According to The Blast, posted to @trendmood1, and as reported by Allure, Lady Gaga has officially filed an application to trademark the name "Haus Beauty" to curate her own signature brand of makeup. And while the above tango sounds like a game of Telephone, there doesn't seem to be a wrinkle of evidence proving the theory wrong.

"A quick search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office's website reveals that Gaga's company, Ate My Heart Inc., applied for a standard character mark in late February," reports Allure. Plus, said application details the Haus Beauty name will house a huge array of products sure to satisfy every kind of beauty lover and every kind of aesthetic. (Because it would obviously go against Gaga's typical trajectory to leave anyone out.)

From what we can see, the application outlines everything from foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner to cleansers, creams, self-tanner, and body oil. So if you've always wanted to channel your inner Gaga from head to toe and then some, it seems you're in luck.

It's no secret the singer has a passion for beauty, and her previous collaborations with beauty and fragrance powerhouses like MAC and Coty and her day-to-day makeup M.O. alone, provide ample proof. And to be honest, we're kind of surprised it's taken this long to get wind of any kind of signature brand from the singer. (It was never a question of if but when.) So we'll be waiting with bated breath (and keeping our eye on her omnipresent #haus IG tags) to keep tabs on the progress.

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