35 of Lady Gaga's Most Iconic Hair Moments Over the Years

Lady Gaga on the red carpet

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When it comes to fun and fashion, Lady Gaga is beyond iconic—serving looks that will no doubt go down in history for their inventive approach to making a statement—and her hair plays a large role in that. From bright head-turning colors to wigs to intricate updos, we've collected 35 of Gaga's most iconic hair moments along with celebrity stylists' advice on how to re-create the looks.

Meet the Expert

  • Priscilla Valles is a celebrity extensionist and hair guru behind the locks of the Kardashian-Jenners, Megan Fox, Hailey Bieber, Christina Aguilera, and many others. She has her own line of extensions with Glam Seamless
  • King Carter is a celebrity hairstylist and wig installer behind the locks of clients like Keke Palmer, Duckie Thot, Savannah James, and many others.
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Hair Bow

Hair bow


Ditch your headbands and bow-tied ribbons for this out-of-the-box hair bow:

  • "Start with a blonde 613 wig from Upgrade Boutique and part it down the middle," says Carter.
  • "Take two sections at the front and flip them away from the face to create a pin curl and secure with a bobby pin on the sides of the head."
  • "Use hairspray to get rid of any flyaways."
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Crimped Bob

Crimped Bob


A platinum bob with bubblegum pink lipstick is already an iconic beauty look, but these volumized crimps take her hair to the next level.

  • Use a small crimping iron to add texture to the hair
  • Shake it out using your fingers, the way you would rub in dry shampoo, to help break up the iron marks

Using a small crimping iron on the roots beneath your top layer of hair will give noticeable volume without an allover crimped style.

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Side-Swept Lob

Side bangs


Lobs, aka long bobs, are one of those haircuts that can be altered to accommodate any hair type or texture, meaning that anyone can pull it off well. Gaga pairs her lob with a timeless side-swept bang for a très chic, effortless-looking style.

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Victorian Nest

Victorian Nest


When it comes to installing wigs, Carter advises: "Wear a wig cap closest to your scalp color, and install frontal or closure wigs using a lace glue or tape of your choice," to help your wig appear as natural as possible.

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The Skunk Split



A black-and-white "skunk hair" color combo is a fun fit for anyone who's seeking high contrast and bold expression. With a hair color palette this cool and edgy, the maintenance can be as low as you want to make it.

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Teal Tower

teal tower


To re-create a tower this tall—teal or not—Valles suggests:

  • "Start by attaching a clip-in bang from Glam Seamless."
  • "Then I'd put in the Glam Seamless Ponytail."
  • Slide hair donut sponges down your ponytail, "stacking them as high as you want them to go. Maybe do 3 or 4 on top of each other," she says, pulling the ponytail through the middle.
  • Use the excess hair that's been looped through to wrap around the top of your shape and secure with hair pins.
  • "Then use my luxe clip-in extensions to wrap around the entire hair tower." Secure with hair pins and spray.
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Retro Neon 'Do



To give your top knot a retro twist while still keeping your look modern:

  • Leave the bits of hair in front of the ear down to frame the face
  • Back-comb your roots at the crown to give your updo that retro nod
  • Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, bun, or twist
  • Optional: Using a temporary color spray to give this style some added flair, like Gaga's neon sea green hue, is sure to keep your look on the edgier side
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High-Top Pony

high top pony


A side ponytail can be cute, but Gaga makes it edgy with his free-standing twist to accompany it.

  • Begin by blowing your natural hair out with a center part
  • Create your side ponytail, using one of the Glam Seamless Ponytails if you want added length or fullness, and wrap some of your hair around the base of the ponytail
  • Up top, "take another Glam Seamless ponytail and place it to your liking (Gaga's is a little off-centered), and loop the hair into a big loose bun, using hair pins and hairspray to keep it down," says Valles.
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Cotton Candy Hues

blue ends


We don't have access to the same level of incredible wigs and hair pieces as our adorned Gaga, but we can get a little taste of this cotton-candy-hued hair by selecting peekaboo extension colors to pop out underneath and add some fun contrast to our natural manes.

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Tall Order

brown bouffant


If you want to go beyond the basic top knot with a little extra height à la Gaga:

  • Start off by inserting a clip-in bang 
  • Put your own hair into a high bun 
  • Cut some hair donuts. "Instead of putting a circular donut on top of one another," says Valles, "I would cut them so they lay across." 
  • "Twist the hair before you wrap it around the donuts," continues Valles, who then suggests using these Luxe clip-in extensions "to wrap around your entire shape, and finish it off with a hair clip."

Hair donuts are an easy way to add shape and structure to your hairstyles.

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Silver Fox

silver fox


Pairing a metallic suit with subtle, glitter-laden makeup and a silver wig is a perfect example of how Gaga can make the most eccentric beauty ideas sound less like a costume and more like a glamorized norm.

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Low Looped Ponytail

low loop


This low looped ponytail is one of Gaga's most versatile looks to re-create:

  • "Start with a smooth blowout," says Valles. "Create a center part, and smooth it down with hairspray."
  • Put your hair into a low ponytail.
  • "Loop the Glam Seamless Ponytail up at the top and then wrap a rubber band around it to hold in place." 
  • For the loop part of this look, "put in one of the smaller clip-in extensions, clip it into the ponytail, twist the hair and hairspray it, then wrap the ends up around the top of the pony."
  • Tuck in any floral accessory or flower to match the rest of your look. 
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Chic Lob



For a chic and clean take on your average lob:

  • Blow-dry the hair straight using a 1.25" round brush, twirling the ends in
  • Give the hair a light mist of hairspray to help hold the hair's shape
  • Use a 1.5"–2" barrel curling iron and gently go over those ends to keep your look clean and defined
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Classic Chignon



All chignons are classic, no matter how they're styled. We love the way Gaga pairs her low-to-the-nape bun with a '00s-influenced bang bump on the red carpet. It's such a minimal addition that gives maximum impact and just the right amount of playful volume.

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Long and Loopy

long loops


Longer manes can re-create this half-up style, with the help of a strong-hold matte bobby pin. Matte pins hide easily in the hair and give a lot of security to even the loosest-looking shapes.

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Hollywood Glam



These Hollywood glam waves may look intricate and difficult to achieve, but don't be fooled. A roller set will do all the heavy lifting for you:

  • Set the mohawk section of your hair with hot rollers, going back away from the face
  • Take horizontal sections to roll the rest of the hot rollers downward
  • Take the rollers out once cooled. Rake and sculpt into desired shape with a boar bristle brush
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Belted Bun

Belted Bun


Finding the perfect hair accessory can be a challenge sometimes, which is why we like to think outside the box and consider making our own:

  • Line your favorite ribbon with extension tape. You can cut the tape into squares and space them out every inch or so apart.
  • Secure your bun or preferred style into place
  • Remove the backing of the tape and gently place across the head as desired. Be sure you measure each ribbon to match the desired placement before sticking down.

Using any wet-hair product that contains alcohol in it can be used to safely and gently remove extension tape from the hair without causing any damage or hair loss. We recommend Bumble & Bumble's thickening spray.

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'80s Rocker



These '80s rocker waves can be easily achieved with a double or triple barrel iron. A little back-combing up top and straightened ends will give it that extra '80s flair.

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Futuristic Layers

layered ponytail


For a similar futuristic-layered ponytail:

  • "Create a side ponytail using Glam Seamless Ponytail," says Valles. "You'll want to use three different-length ponytails, cutting the ends of each to be blunt."
  • Layer your ponytail attachments from long to short, ending with the shortest length on top.
  • "Use some hair from your ponytail to loop around and create a ribbon at the top, using hair pins and hairspray to secure," says Valles. 
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Interwoven Fishtails

woven braids


We love the way Gaga plays off the weaving of a fishtail braid for an ultra intricate-looking 'do.

  • "Begin by attaching the Luxe clip-in extensions," says Valles.
  • Create two French fishtail braids on both sides of the head
  • Use a piece of leather to needle through between braids, "crisscross the thread like you would shoelaces," says Valles, knitting them closer together as you reach their ends.
  • Create a regular fishtail braid, using the bulk of your hair laying down beneath the weave to tie it all together into one.
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Barbie Bows

barbie bows


To get this playful Barbie-style bow-top hair:

  • "Start with a blonde 613 wig with bangs from Upgrade Boutique," says Carter.
  • "Use clear elastic bands to make 4–5 small ponytails by only pulling them through halfway. This will create small loop buns, and the end of each bun should be exposed."
  • "One by one, take each bun and split into two sections, then take the exposed end and fold it back in between the split section, and secure with a bobby pin to get those small bows."
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Framing Fringe

framed fringe


Gaga may have an intricately regal updo in the back, but this soft, face-framing fringe to counterbalance it keeps her look very down to earth.

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Secret Heart

connected plaits


Turning these pigtails into a braided heart in the back creates a beautiful, playful style without stealing the spotlight. For full, thick braids like these, you may want to use extensions, in which case, Carter suggests sticking to human hair versus synthetic, saying that real hair will last longer with proper upkeep.

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Swooped-Up Twist

woven twist


When Lady Gaga wears a French twist on the Oscars red carpet, she's bound to take it one step higher with added twists and swoops for guaranteed head turns.

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Braided Bun Block

Braided Bubble Buns


When creating a bun block as seen here, using various braiding techniques can help give a lot of dimension and interest to your style. Use different twists and knots when bringing your braids together for a unique shape and fluidity.

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Casual Waves

Casual Waves


Getting the perfect dose of imperfection when it comes to wave patterns is a science all its own. Here's our take:

  • Prep dry or wet hair by blow-drying a thickening agent in for added fullness
  • Keep your natural parting to keep with the effortlessness of the look
  • Alternate using a 1.25" curling iron and a flat iron. Gentle half-wraps in alternating directions down each section of hair with the curling iron will help give it more of that lived-in look and less of that perfect tendril.
  • Finish with some Dry Texturizing Spray
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Blue Ballerina Bun

Blue Bun


If you want an easy option to adorn your everyday 'do, try using a hair chalk for a pop of color in your next ballerina bun.

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Illusion of Layers

Flipped Out


Face-framing layers may not be your choice of cut, but you can still pull of the illusion of that '70s feathered-out flair by using a flat iron or 1" curling iron to gently twist your front sections away from the face.

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Inaugural Braid Crown

Inaugural Crown


Gaga's flawless braid crown that she wore to the Presidential Inauguration is an easy-to-achieve look on long, second-day hair:

  • Spray roots with dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil and help revive and refresh the hair
  • Split the hair neatly into a center part, all the way down to the nape of the neck
  • Before you begin a loose braid on each half of the hair, just behind the ears, loop a black ribbon around the base, with excess length hanging down toward your parting. The remaining length can be woven into each braid.
  • Secure the two braids up top with hair pins
  • Tie the dangling excess ribbons from each braid together at the base of the nape. Inserted flowers are optional.
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Cropped Up



Though Gaga rarely sports her natural hair, we love to see it shine in this cropped cut. Anyone with fine hair can gain a lot of volume and body from a short cropped cut, providing the illusion of thickness in all the right places.

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Deep Roots

Dark Roots


Teal hair has been making waves for quite some time now, and Gaga is the one we have to thank. We don't even mind the dark roots. Talk about low-maintenance color.

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Pearls Made Edgy



Gaga is never afraid of using a hair accessory or two or three. But we especially love to see her using a bungee hair tie to hold her face mask in tact, without compromising the back of her updo.

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Messy Mermaid Waves

mermaid hair


To get these perfectly tousled mermaid waves, try this heat-free method:

  • Spray Saschajuan Ocean Mist into dry hair
  • Use an array of flexible curling rod sizes by bending them into an A-shape and wrapping sections of hair around each rod in a figure 8
  • Remove rods once product is fully air-dried into the hair
  • Attach adorning beachy accessories within your waves as you wish
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Blown-Out Bob

Blown Out Bob


This may not be her most intricate look, but it is iconic nonetheless. The three tools you'll need for a classic blowout are: a blowdryer, a round brush, and a strong hold hairspray.

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Bed Head

Bed Head


Whether it's your wig or natural hair that's becoming unruly, adding a little bit of sea salt pomade can keep things looking intentionally cool.

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