Lady Gaga Wears the "Corset Braid" on the Grammys Red Carpet

Updated 01/30/18

According to award show red carpet etiquette, the bigger the star, the later the arrival. But thank the beauty gods that Lady Gaga broke that rule and graced us with her presence early so that we can soak up her entire beauty look. Her killer makeup game included a dramatic cat eye with thick black liner and shimmery shadow. But her hair brought back a trend that we're really feeling right now: Say hello again to the corset braid.

Getty Images

The corset braid went viral after debuting on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week in 2016. The detail is lovely to look at, but the best part is that you can do it at home yourself.

First, you create two braids all the way down and secure each braid with an elastic band. Grab a ribbon or string and thread it across both braids at the very top. Then cross the ribbon or string exactly how you would lace your favorite sneaker. Watch this video to get a better visual on how to do it. You'll be ready to rock a corset braid just like Lady Gaga in no time.

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