The Simple Thing That’s Making You Sick

Though you’d never know it from todays steamy temps, we are heading toward fall—and, by extension, the onset of cold and flu season. (Sigh.) But while its as good a time as any to stock up on immunity essentials (Herb Pharms Echincacea Drops, $10, are AMAZING), take note that altering some bad habits is essential to staying sniffle-free.

A new study shows that just clocking some more hours of sleep can make a huge difference for our immunity systemand on the flip side, a lack of proper shut-eye is majorly detrimental. After clinically administering the common cold virus to 164 people, scientists found that those who slept fewer than six hours a night over the course of five days were four times more likely to be infected than those who slept seven to nine hours. Those who slept less also struggled to fight the virus off.

So as the chill in the air gets more pronounced, take this as your excuse to go into hibernation modeand to hit that snooze button.

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