How L.A. vs. New York Girls Do First-Date Makeup

By now, we know that first impressions count—and none more pressure-laden and (possibly) life-changing than those of a first date. Whether or not you’ve met the person before, the fact that it’s a date means you are both going out of your way to spend time with each otherno Tinder swiping or OkCupid messaging here. No, a first date involves actual face-to-face human interaction, sometimes consisting of staring at each other’s faces for the better part of the evening. In other words, your makeup better be on-point. Much like your outfit, your makeup (or lack thereof) contributes to the whole first-impression thing, and for most women, a lot of careful thought goes into the process.

With that in mind, we asked some of our beauty editor counterparts at Yahoo Beauty in New York and PopSugar in Los Angeles for their first-date makeup rules so we could compare them with our own. And because we realize beauty editors do not represent the general population, we also asked other women who have nothing to do with the industry at all (but still have plenty to say about makeup). Do L.A. girls keep their beauty looks laid-back and more natural, per their stereotype? Do New York girls love black eyeliner? Do all women want to appear polished and striking, or would they rather channel Beyoncé’s #iwokeuplikethis vibe for a first date? So many questions—and you’ll find some very intriguing answers ahead. Keep scrolling to find out how six L.A. and six New York girls do first-date makeup!