9 Things Every L.A. Girl Has in Her Makeup Bag

“Blue-jean baby, L.A. lady”… It’s easy to imagine the kind of girl Elton John croons about in “Tiny Dancer.” Lissome, sun-kissed, denim shorts–clad—yep, that’s the quintessential L.A. girl for you, and we wear our worn-in Levi’s all the more proudly because of it.

On the beauty front, we overlap in a few key ways. Some of us might take the beach beauty concept to heart (as in, we’ll let the salty air and sun do their stuff, and that’s about it—SPF notwithstanding, obviously) while others of us are happy to spend hours in front of a mirror (or camera) perfecting our non-touring techniques (shoutout to our vlogger babes)—but all of us share a few ride-or-die products. Take a peek in any L.A. girl’s makeup bag and you’ll find at least one (or, like, all) of the products ahead. What can we say? We love makeup. Go on—keep scrolling to see what they are.