How Moving to L.A. Completely Changed My Beauty Routine

Though I grew up as a West Coaster, spending the first 18 years of my life in Seattle, it was on the East Coast that I experienced my formative beauty years. Moving across the country for college, East Coast beauty came at me fast. I made my first acquaintance with contouring (during a pre-Kardashian era), thanks to a classmate in a freshman seminar. Joining the cheerleading team whipped my makeup game into shape—I acquired my first bold red lipstick and finally graduated from drugstore makeup. Come December, I quickly learned that moisturizer is a girl's best friend during the unbearable three months that is winter in the northeast.

By the time I settled down in New York for my first job out of grad school, I felt like a bona fide East Coaster. I quickly cemented my beauty routine in the concrete jungle, learning how to get things done—including my makeup—in a New York manner and becoming a pro at masking constant realities like a lack of sleep. When I moved to L.A. for my job as the weekend editor at Clique Media Group, I had no idea what to expect. My limited knowledge of L.A. came from the movies and the Netflix series Love, but beyond envisioning more Instagram shots of palm trees and better weather, I didn't know just how much my life would change.

Keep scrolling to discover the five ways my beauty routine has changed since moving from New York to L.A.