Kylie Jenner Wore Short Nails for the First Time in Years With Her Strawberry Milk Mani

With an undertsated 'fit to match.

Kylie Jenner selfie


Following two years of constant microtrends, minimalism seems to be on the rise, and 2023 is shaping up to be all about “quiet luxury.” It’s a look that emphasizes timeless fabrics and silhouettes, with as few branded logos as possible—and Kylie Jenner’s Coachella outfit is the perfect example, from her basic white top to her strawberry milk tips.

On April 15, Jenner took to Instagram to show off her Coachella outfit, which was surprisingly casual. She wore a light-wash denim skirt with a sheer white crop top and a white lacey bra underneath. She finished off the outfit with a white moto jacket and white sunglasses, bringing a futuristic vibe to her classic white top and blue jeans. She accessorized with thick silver hoops clustered along her ears, and styled her hair in a chic twist bun with wispy, face-framing tendrils.

Kylie Jenner Coachella 2023 outfit


The entire outfit was very chill, considering the literal light-up costumes some people wear for the festival, and Jenner’s carousel shows that her sister, Kendall Jenner, also wore a simple white top and blue denim. Similarly, Hailey Bieber arrived at the event wearing her own rendition of the outfit with a strappy white tank top and oversized low-rise jeans.

With its classic white-top-and-denim pairing, Jenner’s vibe was reminiscent of an old-school Gap campaign, and she finished off her classic yet cool outfit with a timeless strawberry milk manicure. Jenner is one to wear extra-long manicures with intricate shapes, but for Coachella, she went down a softer path with a rare short length and a square tip.

Kylie Jenner's Coachella 2023 strawberry milk manicure


There’s something to be said about the world’s biggest stars arriving at such an extravagant event in the epitome of a relaxed outfit. These days, the internet is all for "de-influencers" who wear their stripped-down appearances as a badge of honor. If de-influencers *do* wear branded pieces, it usually comes with an air of quiet luxury, which leaves people wondering, where did they get that? as opposed to knowing the answer from a gaudy logo splayed across a their chest. The stars are taking note, and perhaps they’re realizing that sometimes, less is more—even at Coachella.

A strawberry milk manicure is the perfect accessory to such an aesthetic. The manicure’s creamy pale pink base makes the nails look extremely perfect (and expensive) without calling on anything too flashy.

If you’re looking to get a strawberry milk manicure of your own, you’ll first want to give yourself a manicure by pushing your cuticles back and buffing the nailbed and edge for a smooth finish. Then, apply two coats of a semi-sheer pale pink nail polish to your entire nail, and top it off with a high-shine topcoat. It’s easy to do and will go perfectly with any minimalist outfit—even a white top and your favorite blue jeans.

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