Kylie Jenner Just Revealed the Secret to Her Hourglass Figure

Kylie Jenner’s ample, er, assets get almost as much attention as her perfectly lined lips. Her hourglass figure is the subject of much heated debate, but yesterday, Jenner seemed to settle the score once and for all by revealing that, yes, she wears shapewear and, yes, they are Spanx from Target. That’s right—Jenner supposedly shops for shapewear the same place you and your mom do. She later sent out a tweet revealing the exact product: Spanx’s Flat Out Flawless Mid-Thigh Body Shaper ($44 and up), which feature a “rear pocket release for a perky backside,” according to the product description. (It should also be noted that the product she shared actually links to Kohl's—maybe it's hard for her to keep track? We found a similar product on Target's website, and it's half the price.)  We assume the product will sell out soon, as does anything Jenner says she uses (like this MAC lip pencil). 

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