Kylie Jenner Is the Latest Celeb to Bring Back Piecey Side Bangs

She's getting in on the Y2K trend.

Kylie Jenner Wearing piecey side bangs and kylie cosmetics Batman eye shadow


If you’re one of the 371 million people following Kylie Jenner on Instagram, then you know that she has been serving looks lately. She donned a pressed rose petal-inspired dress on Instagram, a strong bleached brow showing at Paris Fashion Week, and now an all-black look worthy of a superhero. Although Fashion Month festivities are over for the season, Jenner continues to bring it to the internet with some stringy side bangs as she reveals Kylie Cosmetics’s collaboration with Batman, launching on October 19.

With her sister fully diving into the side part this season, there’s no wondering why the rest of the family decided to join in on the nostalgic fun. Jenner wears her hair in an ultra-slicked back bun with a deep diagonal side part that tapers towards the middle as the part reaches the crown of her head.

The side part has been everywhere as of late, with celebs and influencers wearing it throughout the summer into fall, and Jenner showed off hers with a sophisticated updo on Tuesday. There seems to be not a stray hair in sight—only a tight, slicked-back style worthy of a ballerina. Still, our favorite part of this particular look is the piece-y side bangs. The separated strands are reminiscent of a bat’s boney wings and are a chic tip of the hat to Jenner's new Batman collab.

Naturally, Jenner and her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, used the yet-to-be-released Kylie Cosmetics x Batman palette for the beauty founder's glam. Tejada created a sharp and geometric eye, equipped with a black wing and a pop of yellow shadow in the inner corner, to stay on theme. It’s a look that takes Batman’s signature color scheme and proves you can opt-out of the typical superhero mask for a more glamorous makeup approach this Halloween.

Luckily, you won't need a stable of beauty professionals to recreate this hairstyle at home. First, you’ll want to create a side part and use a boar-bristle brush to guide most of your hair toward the back of your head. After that, comb the front section of your hair down onto your forehead, making sure to comb the end pieces over your ear to blend the faux side bangs in with the rest of your bun. Then, secure the hair into a low bun before smoothing out the entire hairstyle with hair wax. Finally, using the pointed end of a rat-tooth comb, create separation in your "bangs" for Kylie’s stringy look.

Whether you’re wearing this look to a costume party or are just in the mood to change up your usual slicked-back bun, this stringy side bang definitely deserves a place on your Instagram feed.

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