Alert: Kylie Jenner Just Went Rose Gold

We should have known better than to assume that Kylie Jenner was going platinum for the long haul (by which we mean, oh, a month or two?). Yet true to her hair-chameleonic form, the 19-year-old has opted for a new shade just a few weeks after going blond overnight.

Jenner took to Instagram (where else?) to reveal her new hue: a pale, opalescent shade of rose gold, which has rapidly become the shade du jour for cool girls everywhere. (Okay, I may be biased since I already tried fall's It-girl hair color.)

Rose gold comes in a few variations, ranging from ashy to warm, sheer to punchy, copper to pale pink. Jenner chose a cooler, translucent wash that still allows her icy platinum color to peek through. Our prediction: Brace yourselves, because if this color wasn't completely everywhere already, it's certainly about to be.

Slide the image below to see the before and after of her new look.