12 Products to Try If You Want to Show Off Your Actual Skin This Summer

When it comes to her makeup aesthetic, Kylie Jenner typically swings one of two ways: fully made-up and worthy of a red carpet close-up or au naturel with her adorable sprinkling of freckles on full display. And personally, we have a special admiration for the latter—especially this time of year when the thought of heavy layers of makeup is as unappealing as a piping bowl of soup. Thus, when Jenner took to Instagram one day ago to snap a makeup-free selfie, it was hard to take our eyes off of her admirably bare complexion.

After all, nothing feels more refreshing this season than embracing our skin in its most natural state. But sometimes, we're in the mood for a just a subtle enhancement—be it a touch more coverage, a hint of radiance, a pop of color, whatever floats your boat. So with bare-ish summer skin in mind, we gathered the summer-perfect products which help us put our best face forward all season long yet allow beloved traits like freckles to shine through as nature intended them to. Inspired by none other than Jenner herself, here are 12 favorite formulas to use all over your face this summer to enhance—not cover—your complexion. Keep scrolling!

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream $33

We typically have a bone to pick with the majority of tinted moisturizers on the market due to their minimal range of shades. However, this SPF-infused formula from BareMinerals does much better. Plus, it just so happens to be freckled beauty Larsen Thompson's go-to formula in lieu of foundation.

Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation $36

Blessed with freckles, features editor Amanda Montell often reaches for this sheer, glow-enhancing foundation from Stila when she seeks something for more natural-looking coverage. 

Elizabeth Arden The Original Eight Hour Cream $24

If you want to go completely makeup-free, do like many a makeup artist and apply a couple quick dabs of this cult-favorite cream to your eyelids, Cupid's bow, and cheekbones. The result is a glossy, your-skin-but-better finish. 

Supergoop! Perk Up! Lip And Cheek Treat Spf 40 -
Supergoop! Perk Up! Lip and Cheek Treat SPF 40 $22

For a pop of color and sun protection, we like this cheeky dual-action number from Supergoop!. Though the color looks a bit intense, it actually delivers the most flattering of flushes. 

3Lab Aqua BB SPF 40 $130

According to senior editor Hallie Gould, this pocket-friendly BB cream is great for offering a hint of coverage while allowing the beauty of your actual complexion to shine through. 

Rare Light Luminizer
Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer in Ghost Light $29

In the mood for some luminosity? Assistant editor Maya Allen can't stop applying this team-loved highlighter on her cheekbones this season. 

"This luminizer in Ghost Light just looks so cool on my deep skin tone," she explains. "I pat it on right before foundation. It gives the high points of my face such a light-catching glow."

Volition Beauty Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 50 $35

Personally, I can't even describe how obsessed I currently am with this luminizing SPF from Volition. In fact, it makes my skin looks so good (i.e. impeccably dewy and radiant) that I've been going to the office sans makeup a couple of times per week. Plus, I appreciate the natural ingredient list. It's basically confidence (and sun protection) in a bottle. 

Beautyblender Beautyblender Sapphire $20

As any makeup artist or beauty editor will tell you, there's simply no better (or more natural-looking) way to apply your makeup—especially in the summer when an invisible finish feels even more paramount. We love a good ol' Beautyblender, and this limited-edition sapphire one is officially on our summer wish list. 

Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation $30

ICYMI: Benefit has a brand-new foundation. We give our full reviews here, but to cut to the chase, it delivers a natural, blurring effect which Editorial Director Faith Xue tells me she can't get enough of. 

GinZing(TM) SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer 1.7 oz/ 50 mL
Origins GinZing SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer $40

In addition to her favorite BareMinerals formula, dancer, model, and actress Larsen Thompson tells me she loves this sheer tinted moisturizer from Origins. Sure, the packaging is adorable, but she also commends its infusion of SPF 40, which she describes as "amazing." Plus, if you want to get even fancier, Thompson also recommends Clé de Peau Beauté Firming Serum Supreme ($315).

"It's a bit pricier, but it gives skin a glowy and natural look," she tells me. Pricey, yes. But also, have you seen her skin?

Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil Rejuvenating Miracle Tanning Oil $49

Adding a few drops of this best-selling self-tanning oil from Tan-Luxe pre-bedtime basically ensures a uniform, sun-kissed glow come morning. It gives my consistently pasty skin a slight boost of color and radiance—so much so that I feel 100% about going through my day without anything else on my face (except some SPF, of course). 

Priming Moisturizer
Glossier Priming Moisturizer $22

Another freckle-enhancing recommendation from Thompson? This skin-improving moisturizer from Glossier which looks great underneath a tinted moisturizer, foundation, or just on its own. 

"I love the combination of using this cream right after cleansing. It's SO good, and it really gets into the skin and keeps it moisturized. My skin is really dry, but whenever I put this on, I don't even need foundation," she told us. 

Next up: the skincare products that actually did our skin (lots of) good last month. 

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