Kylie Jenner's Favorite Lip Balm Is $12

Let's play a little word association. What's the first word you think of when you see the name Kylie Jenner? Was it lips? For us, we can't think of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner without being reminded of her famous pout or, of course, her eponymous lip kits. So when the celebrity shares her tips for maintaining said pout, we're all ears (or should we say, lips).

Jenner recently shared on her app that her favorite way to hydrate and care for her lips is with Lip Luxe by Mizzi Cosmetics' lip scrub and balm. Says Jenner,  “I love to carry a lip scrub with me. I always love to go the natural route … so this one is a nice one … it has pure honey, cane sugar, lemon and grapefruit oils, coconut oil, vitamin E—everything I love.”

What are your favorite lip products? Tell us below!