Kylie Jenner's Iconic Hair Transformations: From Her Latest Bronde Shade to Her Edgy Chop

Journey through her most iconic wigs, styles, colors, and cuts.

Kylie Jenner dark hair

Kylie Jenner

A mascot for a generation that likes to switch up hair colors with the same frequency as their phone cases, to take a tour through Kylie Jenner's most significant hair transformations is to look back at virtually every trend in the past six or so years. To say that Jenner has tried it all is nearly literal thanks to countless shoots, promotions, and personal experiments showcasing King Kylie in everything from a cascading lavender wig to one very convincing, Kris-inspired pixie

Whether she's debuting the blue bob that inspired thousands to run out and buy a tub of Manic Panic or stepping out in a more sophisticated style, the one constant about Kylie's ever-changing hair is that it will invariably make a headline. 

Join us as we chronicle the youngest Kardashian-Jenner's most recognizable hair moments over the years, including insider tips and insight gathered from Kylie's own crack team of expert stylists, colorists, and wig confectioners:

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November 2020: Long and Bronde

Kylie Jenner bronde hair 2020

Kylie Jenner

If there's one beauty-related silver lining this year, it's the opportunity to slowly undergo dramatic changes without having to interface with people every day. Eager to protect her delicate natural locks from harsh bleaching processes, Kylie teased back in May that she was steadily working her way from raven to platinum blonde but this autumnal, caramel-and-honey blonde shade styled by Jesus Guerrero might be the perfect place to rest.

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October 2020: Light Chocolate Brown

Kylie Jenner pigtails instagram

 Kylie Jenner

After a gentle and face-warming "light chocolate brown" dye job by Chris Appleton, master colorist and longtime Kardashian collaborator, back in June, Kylie dialed up the drama with a gravity-defying style by hairdresser Jesus Guerrero that wouldn't have felt out of place in an episode of Euphoria. Known as a master of trendy, ultra-feminine styles defined by their glamour, Guerrero's modern take on pigtails quickly became one of Kylie's most-liked hair photos ever.

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August 2020: The 'Mom Lob'

Kylie Jenner with baby Stormi and birthday cake

Kylie Jenner

Like many of us, Kylie took a more natural approach to her hair while under quarantine this year which was an unexpectedly nice departure from the fun-loving, rainbow-hued wigs and dyes that captured her such a massive audience. Celebrating her birthday with daughter Stormi, Kylie looks like the picture of maternal adoration with a mature brown bob colored by Chris Appleton earlier this summer.

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January 2020: Bright Yellow

Kylie Jenner with long yellow wig

Kylie Jenner

It's been noted that Tokyo Stylez, the one-woman powerhouse behind Kylie's most coveted wig looks, can create up to five hyper-realistic wigs in just one day. But it's clear that Stylez really took her time on this cascading, electric yellow number that Kylie wore to herald the arrival of 2020. Stylez's biggest tip for perfect wig application? It's all about the hairline. "Pluck that hairline, blend that lace, put makeup on it, tint it—do what you have to do," Stylez has said. "The hairline is the most important part."

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December 2019: Flipped Ends

Kylie Jenner with short black hair flipped ends

Kylie Jenner 

Half 60s mod, half bouncy 90s blowout, the hair flip trend revival that's just now reaching fever pitch thanks to stars like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and big sister Kim was spotted on Kylie last year. Kylie's hair is so shiny it's practically reflective, which is easy enough to copy with some pro tips straight from Chris Appleton himself.

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October 2019: Halloween Red

Kylie Jenner as Little Mermaid for Halloween

Kylie Jenner

It was only a matter of time before Kylie took the whole "mermaid hair" concept and made it literal. As her second Halloween costume of the year, Kylie donned a bright red Ariel wig, cut and styled by scissor-wielding genius Jesus Guerrero.

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June 2019: The Bestie Bobs

Kylie Jenner and Stassie in pink bikinis

Kylie Jenner

Studies have shown that best friends start to resemble each other after a while but Kylie and Stassie Karanikolaou took it to the next level in summer 2019 with matching BFF bobs. Kylie's inky, dangerously-sharp cut highlights her jawline and lends a regal, Cleopatra-ish air to an otherwise-straightforward bikini shot.

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May 2019: Campy Lavender

Kylie Jenner at Met Gala
Getty Images

The instant this scene-stealing lavender hair hit the red carpet, Mia Jackson AKA Tokyo Stylez's comment sections were flooded with compliments for her work on the perfectly campy wig and its dolphin-toned afterparty counterpart. Hands down her greatest Met Gala look to date, this one belongs in the Kardashian-Jenner Hall of Fame—which probably exists at one of their houses, come to think of it.

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Winter 2018: Icy Gray and Blue

Kylie Jenner grey hair wig Nov 2018

Getty Images

Winter 2018 saw Kylie whip through appropriately cool-toned colors, transitioning from a long, blue-grey wig in late November to what looks like her natural hair temporarily dyed a snowy blue shade perfect for New Year's Eve and the icy January ahead.

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November 2018: Vintage Blonde

Kylie Jenner with baby Stormi black and white portraits

Kylie Jenner

To celebrate the first Thanksgiving with baby Stormi, Kylie released intimate family portraits with her and then-partner Travis Scott. Kylie's photographed with a sophisticated, ashy blonde bob that we suspect was created by colorist Chris Appleton. While neither list credit for this particular shoot, Appleton posted a breakdown of how to get a new, ashy Kylie color just weeks before the photos hit Instagram. He highly recommends a dreamy Lime Crime diluting toner that smells like candy and clocks in at just $12.

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September 2018: Pink Ponytail

Kylie Jenner pink ponytail with Stormi and balloons

Kylie Jenner 

Kylie's long, pink ponytail from Jordyn Woods' 21st birthday weekend seems too good to be real but it actually is. In a shocking turn of events, the frosted pastel color isn't a wig, but Kylie's own hair. Chris Appleton, who's basically a member of the family at this point, used two semi-permanent Lime Crime dyes plus a diluting mixer to create the exact shade seen here. The products are as gentle as they are effective, leaving natural hair with minimal damage.

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April 2018: Barbie Pink

Kylie Jenner in long hot pink wig

Kylie Jenner

After keeping things on the natural side while pregnant with her daughter, Kylie stopped scrollers in their tracks with this arresting, neon pink wig just two months after Stormi's birth. A bold departure from pinks of her past, the delightfully fun color cements Kylie's status as the coolest mom.

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July 2017: Comic Book Red

Kylie Jenner in long dark red wig

Kylie Jenner 

One part Jessica Rabbit, one part Little Mermaid, Kylie's waist-skimming wig in a rich, cool red tone suits the young star shockingly well. A flirty, off-center part, no doubt the handiwork of master craftswoman Tokyo Stylez, completes the sultry look.

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May 2017: Versace Blonde

Kylie Jenner at Met Gala 2017
Getty Images

A jaw-skimming bob saw Kylie Jenner through her second Met Gala appearance. Dressed in a Versace-crafted "naked dress", the hypnotically bright wig was dyed in homage to ultimate blonde—and Kylie's designer date—Donatella Versace.

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April 2017: Highlighter Hair

Kylie Jenner highlighter green hair

Getty Images 

"Highlighter hair 🌈," Kylie proclaimed of this sleek, center-parted bob appropriately bright for spring. Another ultra-precise wig by Tokyo Stylez, the color became an early iteration of the Slime Green color trend that's been absolutely everywhere lately.

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February 2017: The Wet Look

Kylie Jenner wet hair

 Getty Images

It's no secret that the Kardashian sisters love a good wet hair moment, but Kylie brought it into a new stratosphere with loose, damp locks and eyelash-skimming bangs. Chris Appleton, the actual creator of the wet look including this unforgettable Kim moment, developed a special curling technique to nail the style which he demonstrates in this exclusive Byrdie step-by-step video

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Jan 2017: Violently Violet

Kylie Jenner photoshoot with violet hair

Kylie Jenner 

Kylie kicked off 2017—and concluded the Year of Realizing Stuff—with a rich, pink-violet wig with plenty of volume as part of her Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day collection. This is a rare instance of Kylie only rocking a color once, but here's to hoping she dusts it off and wears it at least one more time.

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October 2016: 'Dirrty' Like Xtina

Kylie Jenner in Christina Aguilera Dirrty costume

Kylie Jenner

Though credit goes to a young Christina Aguilera and her team for ideating this instantly-recognizable look for her 00's-defining "Dirrty" video, it was no easy feat for Kylie and her team to get such an exact, 1:1 replica. It was so spot-on, Xtina even invited her to her birthday party later that year—her only request was that Kylie came in-costume.

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June 2016: Ocean Waves

Kylie Jenner dark blue wig

Getty Images

Beauty never sleeps and neither does Kylie's colorist, who transformed her wig into a deep, multidimensional blue. While Ky didn't keep this one for too long before reverting back to her natural dark hair, dozens of comments posted this year indicate that this look was a fan favorite.

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April 2016: Rainbow Braids

Kylie Jenner Coachella rainbow braids

 Kylie Jenner

Why would Kylie settle for just one hair color when she could have them all? For perhaps her most notable Coachella look to date, Kylie paired a neon-hemmed Discount Universe bathing suit with two pastel rainbow braids which she later unraveled and secured with a Louis Vuitton scarf.

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April 2016: Princess Peach

Kylie Jenner in peach orange wig

 Kylie Jenner

Another now-signature shade for Kylie at the height of Lip Kit Mania, this anime-inspired peach look was a fan-favorite albeit short-lived. The soft orange hair had a single, shining day in the sun before being converted into the rainbow braids she wore to Coachella (above).

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February 2016: Candy Pink

Kylie Jenner pink wig feb 2016

Getty Images

The Kardashian-Jenner family loves nothing more than a chance to dress on-theme, and Kylie’s 2016 Valentine's wig is no exception. Long and candy pink with razor-cut bangs for NYFW that doubled as a romantic weekend in New York, the shade is one she'd return to several times over the years.

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December 2015: Emerald Green

Kylie Jenner green wig

Getty Images 

Joker Green? Beetlejuice Green? How about we just call this rich, emerald-y hair color what it really is: Money Green. The fun, chopped wig never made much of an appearance after the 2015 holiday season but a flood of comments all begging Kylie to "bring this wig back!" leave us hopeful for another sighting. 

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Fall 2015: Pastel Seafoam

Kylie Jenner long green wig
Getty Images 

Kylie showed off a shorter, choppier iteration of this standout seafoam green shade earlier in the summer but it was this ultra-long and sleek wig that became a Kylie hair color calling card and launched its own Kimoji.

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Summer 2015: Diamond Blue

Kylie Jenner blue wig summer 2015

Getty Images 

An early creation by wig whisperer Tokyo Stylez, this pretty, icy tone features a row of dark roots for a multidimensional, natural look that’s become Stylez's signature. If you're as obsessed with Kylie's makeup here as you are her hair (and we definitely are), longtime Kardashian makeup artist Hrush Achemyan gives a breakdown of every product used here.

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April 2015: Cotton Candy Blue

Kylie Jenner hair at Coachella

Getty Images

For a few glorious years, every April brought with it a novel new hair style, color, and outfit from Kylie Jenner at Coachella. Her long, My Little Pony blue waves mark Kylie starting to wade into the world of wigs and a years-long relationship with friend and stylist Tokyo Stylez.

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November 2014: Gray Lady

Kylie Jenner with gray ombre hair

Kylie Jenner 

One of the earliest arrivals to the gray hair craze that enraptured cool girls everywhere last decade, Kylie's fall 2014 hair didn't just see a color switch-up -- noticeably longer strands point to dyed extensions, precursors to Kylie's now-legendary wig collection.

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September 2014: Edgy and Mod

Kylie Byrdie shoot

Justin Coit

An early and major departure from the long, choppy bob that quickly became her first signature setting, Kylie went for an edgier hair and makeup vibe with huge, voluminous styles for her mod-inspired Byrdie photoshoot (oh, hey there!). One of the coolest looks from the shoot was a tousled French twist styled by Christian Marc, styled with a deep part, no product, and plenty of room to show off that blue undercut (below).

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August 2014: Hidden Blue

Kylie Jenner with blue undercut

Kylie Jenner 

Combining two of her past hair favorites, Kylie spent summer 2014 with a midnight blue undercut that signaled she was a bit edgier than the other women in her famous family. The cropped cut was a fun and easy form of self-expression that's set to make a comeback any minute now.

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Spring 2014: Signature Blue

Kylie Jenner hair blue tips 2014

Getty Images

What started as a few well-placed streaks of cerulean turned into an of-the-moment ombré and kicked off Kylie's love affair with blue hair and America's love affair with Kylie. She's returned to the hue several times over the years, but nothing beats the original.

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Spring 2014: Golden Chop

Kylie Jenner blonde bob at Coachella

 Kylie Jenner

Do you remember where you were the first time you saw this photo? Uploaded on the way to Coachella, Kylie sported two (technically three) very new things: a golden-beige ombré, and one pair of very full lips. Her hair might not be the most significant part of this photo in terms of cultural impact, but the complete look is too critical to her beauty trajectory to not include.

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January 2014: Glimpses of Blonde

Kylie Jenner with blonde underside of hair

Kylie Jenner 

One of the easiest ways to take a risk with color, Kylie's bleached underside was one of her earliest experiments with a big color change, and very on-trend at the time. It was the first time she took advantage of her hair's underside, but it definitely wouldn't be the last.

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January 2014: The Big Chop

Kylie Jenner short hair January 2014

Getty Images

We begin our journey in early 2014. Though Kylie's been active on Instagram for nearly 10 years now, her hair before this point was consistently long and dark, with the only significant changes consisting of switching up her part side or an occasional set of chestnut highlights. That all changed in January when Kylie debuted her first major hair switch up by hacking off several inches into a tousled, choppy cut that would kick off a year of major experimentation.

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