Exclusive: Kylie Jenner on the One Hair Color She'd NEVER Try

Kylie Jenner is a lot of things—social media star, hair chameleon, lip icon, the list goes on. Kylie Jenner is not indecisive, which we learned while we interviewed her at the launch of her website-crashing, long-awaited Lip Kits. She knows exactly what she likes (green- and blue-toned hair, lip liner that mimics the color of your own lips) and what she doesn’t (we’ll get to that later).

It’s partly because of this quality that the young star is now a full-fledged media and beauty mogul in her own right, and seems worldly beyond her years (especially when it comes to her makeup routine). We learned quite a lot of things about Jenner during our interview, from how exactly she conceptualized her new lip line to the one hair color she’d never try. Suffice it to say, we’re impressed—and will now go back to applying our Candy K.

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Courtesy of Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

What inspired you to start your own line of lip products?

Jenner: Honestly, I have been so obsessed with lip liners and lipsticks, and I always knew I wanted to do that. But I just didn’t really know how—who I would do it with, or if I would do it by myself. And also just because I would tell people the lip liner or the lipstick I was using at the time and then I would go to buy more and it would be completely sold out…

Right. We actually did a story on the MAC lip liner you wore and how it immediately sold out everywhere. 

Jenner: Yeah, and I’m like making other people money! Every time I would go into stores, they’d be like, “Kylie, your color is sold out.” I’m like, cool. I would rather take matters in my own hands. So now I never run out and now it’s actually the “Kylie Jenner lip color”—my dream color.

Which shade are you wearing on your lips right now?

Jenner: I’m wearing Candy K—it’s the pinker shade.

What do you think makes your line different from some of the other products out there?

Jenner: I know I can’t use anything else because I feel like my colors are so perfect; they’re exactly what I want. So, that’s cool, and also I feel like people don’t really do kits. I like that. Everything that I create, I kind of want to do in kits, whether it’s like an eyeshadow kit or lip kit. I just want to run with that. So yeah, other than that, it’s really just my dream colors.

Courtesy of Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

Do you remember the first lip color you ever wore or bought?

Jenner: Yeah! It was MAC Whirl. So I got the idea because I was 16 and I was like, I want to start wearing lipstick but I don’t want to wear a colored lipstick. I wanted to do something that looks exactly like my lips… but I want to wear lipstick. So I literally went into the store and got a million. Like, I went to MAC and I got Whirl, which was my first, and just a bunch of other colors. And just tried to find something that looked like my lips. And I wasn’t intentionally trying to start a trend or anything, but then it just became the “Kylie Jenner lip color.” And everybody was trying to figure out what color I was using and I didn’t even know what color I was using. I was just trying to figure it out too. 

So it wasn’t anything you were expecting.

Jenner: No, I wasn’t expecting that.

It seems like you’re a bit of a lip icon now—how do you feel about that?

Jenner: For real! I think it’s cool, I think it’s so cool. 

You’re quite good at doing your own makeup—where did you learn?

Jenner: I learned on YouTube when I was younger. I watched so many YouTube videos. I remember my dad would always walk in on me and think I was doing something bad on the computer, but then he would be like, “You look so cute!” He would always ask me what I’m doing on my computer all day, and I’m like, I am literally just trying to do my makeup.

Is that where you learned to contour?

Jenner: Contouring wasn’t around then—it was a long time ago. But it was more eye shadow. I learned eye shadow skills. And then other than that, just getting my makeup done every single day kind of taught me. I would just sit there and ask my makeup artist “What is that?” “Why are you using that?” “How did you do that?” “What powder do you use?” I still do that all the time.


What’s the best makeup trick that you’ve learned from your makeup artist?

Jenner: There are just so many. Like, not to clump your eyelashes, what's the best eyebrow stuff to use. Or just like, the different powders. Powders are really important when you’re wearing red carpet makeup. Just everything! 

What are some beauty tips you’ve learned from each of your sisters?

Jenner: That’s hard! They teach me so many things. I feel like Kim and Kanye teach me and inspire me a lot fashion-wise. I don’t know. I feel like I am just that type of person, where I’m different from the rest of them. I feel like I like to try my own things. I didn’t want opinions on my Lip Kits. I feel like I wanted it to be my own thing. Completely my style, and I wanted it all to just be me.

Digging your new green hair. Is there any hair color you would never try?

Jenner: I can’t see myself doing pink. Or purple, really. Only greens and blues. Just different shades. I already figured out what I am going to do next.

Do tell.

Jenner: Just, like, a different shade of blue.

If you could give your best beauty advice to some of your fans, what do you think you would tell them?

Jenner: I am not wearing less makeup right now, but I feel like I am starting to learn that less is more. And I used to wear a lot of makeup all the time and that looks great in photos, but in person you still want to look fresh. Unless you’re doing a red carpet, which I don’t know if they are out there.

Lastly, we have to ask—can you walk us through your own lip routine?

Jenner: Usually I will moisturize a lot before and maybe do a sugar scrub. And then, I’ll put a lip moisturizer on and let it sit while I am doing the rest of my makeup. And then I will do the Lip Kit liner, filling in my lips all the way, and then the matte liquid lip. I will keep a lip balm that’s not that glossy in my bag at all times, so if it gets dry after a few hours, I can just put it on.

You can head over to LipKitbyKylie.com to check out her line—be warned, everything sold out within hours, so you’ll have to be patient.

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