These Are the Makeup Products Kylie Jenner Uses on a Daily Basis


Getty/ Jason Merritt

"Everyday glam" may seem like a bit of an anomaly for many of us, but not in Kardashian land: For Kim, Kylie, et al., a "low-key" look is just a tad more involved than it might be for us average beauty junkies. Case in point: Kylie's daily makeup routine, which involves an entire mirrored room of her house dedicated to the cause, an impressive lineup of products, a backlit mirror with an iPhone selfie attachment, and at least 20 minutes of her time. (A far cry from the choreographed swipes of concealer, mascara, brow pencil, and tinted lip color that we adopt on our rushed mornings.)

But we'd be lying if we said we weren't curious about which products Jenner reaches for on a daily basis—and it turns out we share the love for several of them. Keep reading to see just what she uses to put her look together in her day-to-day. 

Do you use any of Kylie's go-to products? What do you think of her regimen? Sound off below!