The Perfect Kylie Jenner Lip Color for Every Skin Tone

Not long ago, the idea of brown lipstick coming back into style seemed absurd. Well, today it’s back and bigger than ever. Only this time around, the brown has taken on a more neutral, pinkish hue. Dare we dub it the Kylie Jenner color? But finding the right Kylie Jenner pinkish brown is not easy. Too cool and you look sickly. Too dark and you look dated. If it’s off even slightly, you’ve missed the 2015 version of the trend. To ensure we find the perfect shade, we called in celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson (he’s worked with everyone from Camilla Belle to Coco Rocha).

Scroll through to see to find the lipstick that’s right for your skin tone!

kylie jenner brown lipstick
Getty/George Pimentel

The Dos and Don’ts

“I always say that neutral shades should define the lips and should never look like you’ve erased them,” Wilson says. “So stay away from colors that look like under-eye concealer on your lips.” Definition is key. “I almost always recommend a good neutral lip pencil to make the look polished.” But if your lips have a lot of natural color to them, some neutrals can end up turning too pink. If that’s the case, skip concealer on the lips (Wilson says it dilutes the color of the lip), but apply powder foundation instead. Do this before you fill in the lips with a lip pencil, to neutralize their natural color.

Light Skin Tones
Nyx Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream $7

For light skin tones, avoid brown; choose taupe instead. Just make sure it’s a taupe that has a touch of pink in it. “Some taupe lipsticks out there are so gray they look like cement on the lips,” Wilson says. “I love to also use a liner that is a shade darker for lighter skin to redefine the pout. Try Dior Contour Lipliner Pencil ($31) in Grege and Nyx Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream ($7) in London.” 

Medium Skin Tones
Dior Rouge Dior $38

Medium skin tones should keep it neutral without going too taupe. Wilson says medium skin with golden undertones can end up looking sickly if the lips are too gray. “I like to use a light milk chocolate tone with a golden neutral liner to match. Try MAC Lip Pencil ($18) in Cork and Dior Rouge Dior ($38) in Brun Jungle.” 

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick $25

Or try BareMinerals’ Marvelous Moxie Lipstick ($25) in Finish First.

Dark Skin Tones
Lime Crime Velvetines $20

“For darker skin tones, I always use a very deep chocolate-colored pencil and a full-coverage lipstick,” Wilson says. “I use a full-coverage lipstick because most women with deep complexions have lips that are two different tones, so it’s important to neutralize the color to pull off the look. When your skin is brown, it’s best to have a deeper brown tone on the lips—you don’t want your lips to disappear into your skin.” He also likes to stay away from any dark taupe colors because warmer tones are more flattering on darker skin. Wilson recommends MAC’s Lip Pencil ($18) in Chestnut and Lime Crime’s Velvetines ($20) in Salem. 

Black Up Lipstick $23

Or try Black Up’s Lipstick ($23) in #11. 

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