Whoa—Kylie Jenner Bleached Her Hair AND Eyebrows

We're starting to think Kylie Jenner needs a dedicated section on the site where we document all of her beauty transformations. It seriously feels like she experiments with something new every week! So, of course, just when we started thinking her wig and bangs were it while she strives for healthier hair (at least during fashion month) we got a #kurveball. The 18-year-old has gone blonde; we're talking hair and brows.

The latest beauty makeover (hair by Jen Atkin, eyebrows by Joyce Bonelli) was for Jenner's cover shoot for Elle Canada. Naturally, she live-tweeted, Snapchatted, and Instagrammed the process for her followers. Keep scrolling to see Kylie's new (and, we assume, temporary) look below. 

As always, we don't promote drastic beauty adventures like bleaching without the supervision of a trained professional. But you can always safely experiment with the look by filling in your brows using a pencil one shade lighter than your natural color. We like Dior's Powder Brow Pencil in Blonde ($29).