5 Reasons Kylie Jenner Should Get Bangs, in Photos

Kylie Jenner likes to experiment with her beauty looks about as much as we like to write about breaking trends. And her 34 million Instagram followers are right there waiting to see what she’ll try next, even if mouths are occasionally agape. There is no denying it, the youngest Jenner slings some serious trend power. Remember the time she single-handedly created a national lip liner shortage

Lately, she’s been donning a Pulp Fiction-style hairdo complete with blunt bangs, a trend that just might blow up our feeds come the fall. While we’re sure the look will inevitably be for sale as a part of the Kylie Hair Kouture line ($280)you know Kris is all over that cross-promotionwe definitely support the style on Kyles! The usually super-sexy teen looks polisheddare we say sophisticated?as a mod, and the shades of blue, black, and tangerine ring true to her independent personality. We dig this. Keep scrolling for our favorite Kylie #hairgrams!