Rejoice: Kylie Cosmetics Is Now Available at Ulta—Shop Our Favorites Inside

It was big news when Kylie Jenner revealed that Ulta would start carrying her namesake beauty line. It marks the brand's first real and permanent move into brick-and-mortar retail. Before this major announcement, you had to hover over your computer, hoping you would click "add to cart" quickly enough before that new Kylie Lip Kit sold out. It also meant that there was no way to test the shade before purchasing it, which, as we know, is definitely not ideal when you're trying to discern which lipstick will be most flattering or which concealer will look most natural against your skin tone.

Thankfully, all that fuss is in the past now that Kylie Cosmetics has officially moved onto to Ulta shelves nationwide. Yes, today's the day that you can finally test, swatch, and shop to your heart's content. While only a small assortment is available online as of now (more is available in-store and even more is set to arrive in the coming weeks), allow us to celebrate the occasion by sharing the 15 Kylie Cosmetics products we like best. Maybe you're a Kylie Cosmetics newbie who's never dabbled in the brand before, or maybe you're a brand veteran who's trying to narrow down your extensive shopping list. Either way, this list may be able to help. Keep scrolling to see all 15 Kylie Cosmetics products we love best.