KVD Beauty's Mega-Viral Good Apple Foundation Is Now a Concealer

So naturally we had to try it for ourselves.

KVD Beauty Good Apple Concealer

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The quest for the perfect concealer is a lot like searching for a life partner. Both have to be dependable, illuminating, protective, and, most crucially, a good match. If you have a solid, trustworthy concealer, it can act as a bedrock for all your other makeup. The same principle applies to significant others—if they're rock solid, you find yourself suddenly able to take on more than you ever thought yourself capable of.

The importance of a killer concealer is probably why so few people have a true holy grail. Aside from those lucky few, most of us are constantly searching for the latest and greatest magic products that will fulfill all of our coverage dreams. Which is why when we heard about the new KVD Beauty Good Apple Lightweight Full-Coverage Concealer ($28), a soon-to-be-released launch that promises second-skin-like coverage with a juicy, hydrated finish, we immediately needed to learn more.

The new concealer is a follow-up to the brand's ultra-viral Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm ($38), a creamy foundation that nearly broke the internet when beauty TikTok discovered it last year. Between the success of the concealer's sister product and its weightless coverage claims, we knew this was one product we just had to try. Below, everything you need to know about the new KVD Good Apple Concealer ahead of its launch on February 1, complete with our honest reviews.

KVD Beauty Good Apple Lightweight Full-Coverage Concealer

KVD Beauty

About The Good Apple Line

If you've been hanging around makeup-centric pockets of TikTok, you're almost certainly familiar with the KVD Beauty Good Apple Foundation, the tentpole of the Good Apple line so far. Based on the properties of an actual apple, both the foundation and the new concealer have the same goal: to keep skin smooth and juicy-looking on the outside and deeply hydrated on the inside. The foundation was an instant hit, with thousands of reviews, scores of product demos, and lots of viral TikToks gushing about the balm. In just a few weeks, it became a star of the entire brand, joining the Tattoo Liner ($22) and Lock-It Foundation ($38) in the KVD Beauty Hall of Fame.

What's In The Concealer?

KVD Beauty Good Apple Lightweight Full Coverage Concealer
KVD Beauty Good Apple Lightweight Full Coverage Concealer $28.00

The new concealer, housed in a very sleek faux-dropper bottle equipped with a velvety-soft doe-foot applicator, continues to build on the apple theme with a formula that's infused with the fruit's extract. Not only are apples and apple extract (also known as Pyrus Malus fruit extract) loaded with antioxidants, but they help smooth skin with topical application, too. Meanwhile, raspberry stem cells help with hydration, inflammation, and pollution protection, while a proprietary KVD Beauty blend called InterLace Pigments allows for buildable coverage while mitigating creasing.

Thanks to a unique blend of undertones, the concealer is well-suited to both highlighting the face and actual concealing. A 32-shade library covers a range of skin tones, with yellow, pink, and copper undertones to flatter everyone. To use the product as a highlighter, opt for a color one or two shades lighter than your skin. To conceal, aim for the best true match possible. When left unblended on the skin for 30 seconds, the concealer sets thicker for even more coverage, too.

Women applying KVD concealer

KVD Beauty

The Reviews

Amanda Ross, Beauty News Writer


Amanda Ross / Unsplash

My biggest concealer challenge is twofold: camouflage the continent-shaped, birth control-induced melasma on my forehead, and find a shade for every day that matches my fair neutral skin. When I first unsheathed the concealer wand and gingerly dotted it around key areas, I'll be honest—I was skeptical about how full coverage it could really be considering how light and thin the formula looked on the applicator and on my skin. But twist of twists, that's the whole point.

Not only does the concealer really help hide my assorted discolorations, but that very fluid consistency makes it impossibly comfortable. I've always thought the best makeup is the most forgettable makeup—as in, you literally forget you're wearing it—and this certainly fits the bill. Even over powder (just an experiment, I swear!), it doesn't mud up or go patchy. Dare I call this concealer the new...apple of my eye? It sure looks like it.

Eden Stuart, Editor


Eden Stuart / Unsplash

Despite having some serious under-eye circles, I've never really been an under-eye concealer fan—it just felt impossible to apply it in a way that didn't ultimately just highlight what I was trying to conceal. So I was honestly shocked at how much I liked the way this one applied and set! The consistency—not too thick, not too thin—and the slanted doe-foot applicator both get high marks from me.

In terms of blending: I started out with a brush, which worked fine, but I think I had more success—and a better finish—when I went in with my damp Beautyblender. And it's probably worth noting that I didn't set with any powder, but I didn't experience any significant creasing. Overall, I definitely plan on incorporating this one into my daily routine. (I'm wearing shade Medium 149, for reference!)

Holly Rhue, Senior Editor


Holly Rhue / Unsplash

I love the coverage I get from this formula. I typically have a grayish-purple pocket under the inner corners of my eyes, but a few dots of this concealer really makes a difference (read as: I look awake and alive!). A word of caution though, this formula has a bit of a powdery finish. I have extremely dry under-eyes, so next time I’ll start with a hydrating primer or eye cream to help combat the textured appearance.

You can shop the new KVD Beauty Good Apple Lightweight Full-Coverage Concealer starting on February 1. Sign up now to be the first to know when the product is available for purchase.

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