Exclusive: How Kristin Cavallari Does It All (and Still Looks Amazing)

To say Kristin Cavallari has been busy would be an understatement. There’s her ongoing shoe collection with Chinese Laundry; her minimalist jewelry line, Emerald Duv (co-created with her best friend Chelsea Bulte); her soon-to-be-released new book, Balancing in Heels; and, most recently, the launch of her new lifestyle app created by DWNLD, Kristin Cavallari Official. Oh, and did we mention she also happens to be pregnant with her third child? It’s enough to make any normal human feel a bit overwhelmed, but Cavallari is taking it all in stride, like she’s done it all before—which, in a way, she has. After skyrocketing to fame with her role in MTV’s Laguna Beach, she’s shown that she’s not one to stay quiet about causes she believes in, pop culture-related or not; since her reality TV debut, she’s participated in campaigns for PETA and NOH8, and traveled to Kenya to do charity work with One Kid One World. In her more recent role as a lifestyle figure, Cavallari proves she has plenty of wisdom to share on the beauty front, too—and we’re all ears, naturally. 

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