Zoolander's Mock Beauty Ad Will Make Your Saturday

Words cannot fully express our level of excitement for the premiere of Zoolander 2 on February 12th. Playing into our weakness, there’s been an almost maddening amount of stunts and teasers taunting fashion and beauty lovers for the film’s release. But we kind of love it. First Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson transformed into Derek and Hansel during Paris fashion week, who then crashed the Valentino runway, and then a star-studded trailer was released, most recently two of the film's stars, Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz, landed the cover of Vogue. Living the dream! The film's latest viral tease might be our favorite, though. Watch Kristin Wiig sell a face cream in the most terrifying and hilarious way ever in the video below. 

Jokes aside, we are actually obsessed with Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Cream ($65). 

Are you excited to see the new Zoolander movie? Let us know if you plan to see it in the comments!

Opening Image: ImaxTree