11 Times Kristen Stewart's Eye Makeup Was Low-Key the Coolest Thing Ever

I recently interviewed Kristen Stewart for the first time, and honestly, it was a little hard to concentrate. This was partially due to my general obsession with the award-winning actress's brilliance and cool-girl attitude, but it was also due in part to her incredibly sultry black eye makeup, which was smoked out to perfection. As soon as I got home, I interrogated my makeup artist contacts to find the genius responsible for her look, and I quickly uncovered that it was none other than Jamie Greenberg, an effervescent Hollywood artist (and dear friend) who's painted the faces of every cool bish from to Elisabeth Moss to Busy Phillips to Kaley Cuoco.

Of course, this all sent me down a rabbit hole of Kristen Stewart eye makeup looks over the years, many of which were done by Greenberg. I don't understand how I'd never noticed how consistently unique, edgy, and just plain cool her eyeliner game is. According to her makeup artist, Stewart has a distinct point of view when it comes to her look and does not shy away from pushing the envelope. "Kristen always has an idea to collab," says Greenberg. "She is very much part of the art direction. ... She can pull off anything and is usually game to." Want to feel high-key inspired by this celeb's consistently fire eye makeup game? Keep scrolling for 11 of Kristen Stewart's best looks.