Kristen Stewart Debuted a Couture-Grunge Mullet at Paris Fashion Week

Along with a new dark chocolate hair color.

Kristen Stewart with a chocolate brown mullet at Chanel

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What with attending some of the most exclusive runway shows in Paris, fronting global fashion campaigns, and having the chance to work with a legend like the late Karl Lagerfeld, being the face of Chanel has its perks. Kristen Stewart began her relationship with the design house in 2013, wearing a plethora of cool looks over the years (like flaming red smokey eyes and platinum pixie cuts). Today, Stewart continues to push the boundaries of her signature couture-grunge style. Dubbed "grunge Princess Diana" by Vogue, her latest haircut (debuted at Chanel's SS22 runway show, of course) is no exception.

Kristen Stewart mullet close up

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Like many people, Stewart embraced a darker hair color for fall, debuting a deep chocolate brown, courtesy of her hairstylist, Adir Abergel. Abergel also added layers and dimension to Stewart's previously mid-length haircut by cutting micro fringe that tapers into the rest of the hair (think: a short version of the curtain bang), paired with a mullet that ends just above Stewart's shoulders. 

Kristen Stewart Blonde

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Before her fall refresh, the last time we got a good look at Stewart's hair was when she stepped out on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet on May 24. Wearing a mid-length, platinum blonde cut, Stewart embodied summer with her lighter shade, opting for an edgy deep side part to add a little grunge to the otherwise preppy tweed moment.

Over the past few years, the mullet has been the will-I-or-won't-I haircut. We all either thought about doing it with trepidation or fully committed, diving into the seemingly divisive hairstyle. However, many who did bite the mullet bullet opted for a longer cut, featuring layers that go well past the collarbone, adding a voluminous softness to the classic shag, rather than the blunt rocker mullets of the '70s and '80s.

Contrary to what's been popular with shag devotees in the past few years, Stewart's short and dark hair is more reminiscent of Mick Jagger's '70s-era cut than a soft, salon-fresh take on the mullet. Stewart is taking the hairstyle back to its half-mod-half-edgy roots, and honestly, it's about time. Plus, the shorter length frames her face and draws attention to her cheekbones, while the darker color brings out the warmth in the actress's hazel eyes. 

Kristen Stewart wearing a tweed mini skirt and sweatshirt at the Chanel SS22 show

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Stewart wore a hazy wash of brown eyeshadow and finished off the mullet ensemble with a Chanel varsity sweater, tweed skirt, and, of course, a silver chain-link necklace and combat boots to tie off her grunge look. It's no surprise that of everyone who attended Paris Fashion Week, Kristen Stewart was the coolest (and grungiest) of them all.

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