Kourtney Kardashian Just Snapped Her Leg Workout

Getty/Michael Stewart

Kourtney Kardashian has been very open about her newfound healthy lifestyle, swearing off dairy and anything that isn't organic. But with her healthy diet also comes a strict fitness routine that's clearly paying off. 

Recently, the reality star shared the details of her earthy diet, like a Morrocan stew recipe and her famous avocado pudding (we promise it's a lot tastier than it sounds), but we've been itching for more info on her workouts and how we can replicate them. And being the advice-lending (and social media savvy) person that she is, she snapped her lower-body workout for us including notes on what to do. Seriously—where would we be without technology?

Take a look at her workout below!

Kourtney starts her workout by setting the treadmill speed to level 5.0, running for 90 seconds, then sprinting at level 7.0 for 30 seconds, alternating this pattern for 20 minutes.

Once she gets going, she decides to change her base to level 6.0 at an incline of 2.0, then sprints at level 7.5. Naturally, her song of choice is a Kanye track. 

Kourt (as we often call her) then moves on to some resistance training to tone her legs using a cable crossover machine and the hip adduction cable. She does three sets of 25 backward pulls on each leg. 

She then switches directions and does three sets of 25 extensions, stretching her leg out to the side instead of behind her.

She finishes off with a slow cool-down walk to Beyoncé. (Is her workout playlist available on Spotify?)

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