Kourtney Kardashian Makes This Low-Sugar Smoothie Every Day


Getty/Mike Marsland

If you keep up with the Kardashian/Jenner clan at all, you probably know that Kourtney has a certain reputation for being the most health-minded of the bunch. That's not to say that Khloé's commitment to the gym isn't anything less than impressive—the same goes for Kim's recent 60-pound weight loss. But when it comes to all things wellness, the eldest sister takes it a step further.

"We try to do gluten- and dairy-free—here at the house, for sure," she tells Cosmopolitan in a recent interview. "I'll make exceptions once in awhile. And I want them to make their own decisions. I'll remind them, 'Well, the last time you had ice cream or whatever, your tummy hurt. Are you sure you want it?' But if we're at Disneyland, we're definitely gonna eat churros. You have to live a little bit."

Moderation is key, but getting your daily fill of nutrients is paramount—Kardashian knows this to be true. And to help get herself (and her family) there, she relies on a daily smoothie that's full of fresh produce and skimps on sugar.

"I have my avocado shake pretty much every day," she says. "Right now I'm [adding] banana, spinach, and almond milk." With a solid mix of healthy, satiating fats, antioxidants, protein (spinach is a great source), iron, and a wide array of other vitamins—not to mention a touch of natural sweetness from the banana—we'll go ahead and call this one a winner.

Fresh fruit and veggies make a great base, but want to take your own blend to the next level? Shop some of our favorite smoothie additions below.