Kourtney Kardashian Just Went Icy Blonde With Her Short Bob Haircut

Bye bye, dark lob.

Kourtney Kardashian wearing icy blonde bob

@kourtneykardash / Instagram

Platinum blonde hair can be pop punk, too. Case in point: Kourtney Kardashian, who has been on a rocker kick with her fashion choices lately, just debuted a new icy blonde bob during her trip to Las Vegas.

On March 5, Kardashian began her platinum blonde era wearing an all-black leather ensemble consisting of a strappy corset with lacing down the center, alligator skin-patterned pants, and an oversized coat with warm faux fur lining. A simple, aged-silver cross necklace completed the moody look. Kardashian has been one to go goth with her clothes for quite some time now, and this latest outfit was no expection.

Kourtney Kardashian with short blonde hair and sunglasses in Vegas

@kourtneykardash / Instagram

But, when it comes to hair, her new icy blonde bob is quite different from the usual pin-straight black style we’re used to seeing on Kourt—but this isn’t the first time she went full platinum blonde. In a story post on March 5, Kardashian reveals that in 1995 she was “bored during finals, [and convinced] someone to dye my hair blonde to procrastinate.”

kourtney kardashian blonde throwback

@kourtneykardash / Instagram

While we don’t know if she had anything to procrastinate this time (except for a trip to Vegas), her hair looks icy as ever, courtesy of her colorist, Cassondra Kaeding. Kaeding created a cool-toned platinum blonde color for Kardashian. Her hairstylist, Glen Coco Oropeza, created a slightly layered bob that ends just below Kardashian’s jawline and dons a center part. 

If you ever wondered where celebrities get their hair inspiration, well, it’s where you get yours, too—from other stars. Kardashian has been pretty vocal about her shift to blonde, and on March 5, she posted a photo of Drew Barrymore from the ‘90s, stating, “my hair inspo, courtesy of @addisonraee.” In the story photo, Barrymore wears almost the same hairstyle as Kardashian, along with nearly identical icy blond ends featuring a peek of dark roots. 

Although Kardashian’s new icy blonde bob is worth copying, it can be tricky to maintain hair health while transitioning from a color that’s as dark as Kardashian’s previous hair to a bright (and light) blonde. “Anyone with hair that is in good condition can be platinum,” Christine Thompson, a professional colorist and the co-owner of Spoke & Wealpreviously told Byrdie. “Previously colored hair is a little trickier. Overly processed hair where the protein in the hair has been broken down, or the hair has been weakened would not be a good candidate.” 

And as someone who once quadruple-bleached her hair to go from a dyed black color to icy platinum in one day (I was young and naive), don't be like me and do it all at once: Listen to your colorist. They'll help you decide how many rounds of bleaching and how many salon visits it will take for your desired shade. Sure, it may take a bit of effort to go total platinum (as in, you may have to wait a few weeks between processing dark or dyed hair), but patience is a virtue, and I promise the outcome of icy and healthy hair will come sooner than it seems.

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