Kourtney Kardashian Just Debuted the Shortest Haircut She's Ever Had

Getty/Paul Archuleta

Aside from Kendall, Kourtney is the only member of the Kardashian clan who is known for sticking to a single hairstyle. Kylie Jenner has dappled with almost every hair color under the sun. Kim has gone back and forth between raven black and bright platinum blonde, and Khloé has switched up her length and color multiple times over the years. Heck, even Kris Jenner recently dyed her hair blonde…

Kourtney, though, has stuck to her long black hair for years. Aside from a short stint with bangs and highlights, her hair has always had the very same dark Rapunzel vibe. We’re not complaining. In fact, we’ve always been big fans (and followers of her surprisingly simple haircare routine).

But it seems like even she isn't immune to a little bit of hairstyle boredom, since she just switched things up. Over the weekend she unveiled a totally new shoulder-length lob. Keep scrolling to see the photo she posted.

Much to all of our surprise, Kardashian posted this mirror selfie to her Instagram over the weekend. She left zero clues as to whether or not it was a spontaneous cut, why she decided to go for it, or even if it's real. After all, celebs are always debuting bobs and lobs, only to reveal shortly thereafter that the cut isn't real—just the result of bobby pins, hairspray, and a hairstylist's expertise. (The last celeb to do this was Blake Lively, and as we now know, she still has her long blonde locks). So even though the textured lob looks incredibly real, we're still a little wary of it. 

Whether or not it's a real cut, we love it. It's still full and shiny, as her hair has always been, just shorter and choppier. Honestly, there's no way that we wouldn't approve. We've been loving the lob hair trend, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Khloé is currently rocking a similar cut, so maybe she was the inspiration behind this unexpected switch-up? Until we find out more, we'll be reaching for OuaiWave Spray($26), which gives our hair similar texture and shine. 

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