Kourtney Kardashian Always Has Great Hair, But These Are Her Best Looks

Unlike her sisters Kylie and Kim, Kourtney Kardashian isn't known as a hair chameleon. She's not into the platinum look or colorful wigs. She's not even into the brunette-blonde back-and-forth that Khloé is known for. Instead, she keeps her long, raven-haired locks as is, only occasionally tweaking them with some highlights or bangs.

Most recently she chopped her hair into a sleek, silky lob (we're not mad—it looks incredible). Even though it was a simple haircut, it's a big change for the most consistent of all the Kardashians, which is why it inspired us to go through and collect just a few of our favorite Kourt K. hair looks. There were many. After all, she's been on the scene since Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered all the way back in 2008. But we managed to narrow it down to our 11 all-time favorites. So, without further ado, scroll on and get inspired by the eldest Kardashian sister and her magical affinity for good hair.