Exclusive: Kourtney Kardashian Tells Us Her Fitness Secrets


Film Magic, Inc./Getty

The lobby of the Westlake Four Seasons Hotel smells like eucalyptus and fresh mint leaves. Every woman coming in and out of the monolithic double doors is wearing a derby hat and cork wedges. “We’re running a little late,” a publicist tells me in an email. “We’ll come down and get you when Kourtney is ready.”

I’m told to help myself to whatever I want from the lobby café and charge it to Kourtney’s suite. I pick out a $12 cold-pressed juice—apple, lemon, and ginger—and an hour later, when Kourtney tells me it looks yummy and that she wants one, I have to hold back from smiling too wide at the thought that my choice is Kardashian-approved.

I’ve never met the president or the queen of England, but if I had to guess, I’d say the process is quite a lot like meeting a Kardashian. The Lincoln Town Car that picks you up from your house, the expensive hotel, the large team of security, producers, and publicists. I’ve been invited to interview Kourtney in honor of her new position as global brand ambassador for skincare brand Manuka Doctor. Even before I arrive at the Four Seasons, the occasion feels more formal than most interviews—I wear a dress with a zipper and properly curl my hair.

After reviewing my questions for half an hour or so, I am fetched from the lobby and led up to the seventh-floor suite. There, an agent with a ponytail holds out an iPad and asks me to sign. “It’s a release form, in case you end up on Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” she says, monotone. Apparently, everyone who interacts with the family has to sign one, since cameras are around all the time. “Just a formality.” I try to act casual as I pen a digital scribble with my forefinger.

For weeks, I’ve been strategizing how to make the most of my 20 minutes with Kourtney. Finally, I decide, to hell with it, I’m going to ask her every weird beauty question I’ve ever been truly curious to know about her and the rest of her superhuman family. Like, what food does she wish she could eat but can’t because she’s famous? What does it feel like to grow older in front of the entire world? And does she ever do her own hair and makeup, or does a glam squad literally sleep in her bathroom?

To my delight, Kourtney was game to answer. Keep scrolling to see how it all went down.