Kosas' New CBD-Infused LipFuel Feels like "Liquid Cashmere" on Your Lips

The limited-edition lip balm is just in time for Fall.

Kosasport LipFuel - Extra-Strength


If you haven’t noticed that CBD has taken over the beauty industry, we advise you to take a closer look at your vanity. Whether it's the main ingredient in your favorite moisturizer or featured in your everyday serum, cannabidiol is impossible to evade—but its benefits really stack up. This may explain why some of your favorite cosmetic giants have utilized the oil to moisturize almost every part of your body—even your lips. 

Inspired by the surge of CBD-infused products, clean cosmetic brand Kosas recently announced its collaboration with Flora + Bast to create a 50mg CBD-infused Extra-Strength LipFuel ($20) that promises to keep your lips in tip-top shape just in time for cooler weather.

"I’d heard so many things about CBD over the last year, but didn’t understand the benefits, until one day I tried Flora + Bast’s Facial Serum ($77) and was SHOCKED by the instant results I saw," says Sheena Yaitanes, founder of Kosas. "My skin looked plumper and juicier and popped with brightness."

According to Yaitanes, who spoke to Byrdie exclusively, she instantly knew after seeing results from the CBD-infused facial serum that she wanted to collaborate with the popular brand known for their cannabis-infused products. 

"I reached out to Derek [Chase], the founder [of Flora + Bast], and learned all about CBD, and how, like wine, it’s very different depending on where and how it was grown and harvested. As I used the serum over time, I started noticing another benefit aside from how it made my skin look. It was improving my lips and making them look fuller and plumper. I started to think about how the addition of the Flora + Bast CBD could take LipFuel to the next level. We were already using botanical oils and an oil-soluble form of hyaluronic acid, so the compatibility was there. We gave it a test and I remember the first time I tried it, all I could think of was 'liquid cashmere.' It was incredible and I knew I wanted to share it."

The limited-edition lip balm includes full-spectrum cannabis extract to ease the visible effects of irritation and damage, konjac root to create a gel-like layer to protect from harsh weather, hyaluronic acid to attract water and lock in moisture, along with vitamin E for a smoothing effect.

Kosasport LipFuel

We also spoke to Flora + Bast founder, Derek Chase to find out exactly why CBD is the perfect addition to your lip care.

"One of the major benefits of topical CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties and the part it plays in balancing sebum production," Chase explains. "Lips have over a million nerve endings and are also an erogenous zone so there's a strong connection between the lips and brain. Most people have an underlying lip irritation issue because the skin on your lips is so much thinner and can become easily inflamed. Using cannabinoid on your lips not only reduces inflammation but also soothes by improving skin elasticity and works as a protective barrier."

During our nightly beauty routine, caring for our lips can be an afterthought, but with the seasons changing, we are excited about the collaboration that promises us a perfect pout.

Kosasport LipFuel - Extra-Strength
Kosas LipFuel - Extra-Strength $20

To shop and learn more about the limited-edition Kosasport LipFuel Extra Strength—which launched today (October 1)— visit Kosas.com and Sephora.com.

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