Kosas First-Ever Brow Products Help Achieve The Natural, Fluffy Brows of Your Dreams

Meet the brand's new brow pencils and brow gels.

Kosas Brow Launch

Byrdie / Kosas

Kosas has made a splash in just about every makeup category—from complexion, to cheeks, to lips. But, one area the brand hasn't dabbled in is brows. That is, until now. Today, the brand is making a grand entrance into the world of brows with three new products: the Brow Pop Dual-Action Defining Pencil, Air Brow Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gels, and Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment Gel.

For Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes, creating brow products has been on her to-do list for some time. But, it wasn't until she became pregnant that she realized how Kosas could innovate the brow category. "I love full, feathery brows, but I noticed my brow hair thinning when I was pregnant with my daughter," she tells us. "I knew then that when we started developing our brow collection, every ingredient would be chosen with the intention of supporting the health and growth of brow hairs but with pro-grade makeup performance."

It took the Kosas team over a year to create the two brow products launching today. This is primarily due to the brand's commitment to fine-tuning every detail, from the formula to product design. The resulting formulas contain high-quality hair care actives—like castor oil, biotinoyl tripeptide-1, and panthenol provitamin B5—which help you achieve natural, fluffy brows. 

Brow Pop Dual-Action Defining Pencil
Kosas Brow Pop Dual-Action Defining Pencil $22.00

The Brow Pop Dual-Action Defining Pencil adds fullness and definition to your brows. "Its dual-action, micro-triangle tip allows you to create whatever brow look you’re going for," Yaitanes says. "Use the thick side to fill in sparse areas with rich, beautiful pigment. The thin side allows you to create precise, hair-like strokes to help shape, sculpt and define your brows." The built-in spoolie was also thoughtfully crafted to help you create a natural, undone look with your brows. 

The brand also created the Air Brow Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gel (available in 10 shades)  and Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment Gel to accompany its brow pencils. Both gel products contain biodegradable plant-based microfibers that make your brows look instantly fuller. 

Air Brow Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gel
Kosas Air Brow Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gel $22.00

While each product can certainly be worn alone, you can also layer the products on top of each other to achieve your desired brow shape. California-based brow expert and Kosas ambassador Giselle Soto is a fan of the new Kosas brow innovations for this reason. "While we play around with our natural shapes, the Kosas Brow Team gives you all the tools you need to accentuate what you’re already working with and helps support the health of your brow hairs," Sota says. "The best way to achieve the most natural looking brows is by adding hairlike strokes using the Brow Pop Dual-Action Defining Pencil and tinting and fluffing with Air Brow Tinted or Clear."

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