Kosas Just Made Their Best-Selling 10-Second Eyeshadow Even Better

Their new shade range is *chef's kiss*.

Woman applying Kosas 10-second eyeshadow


Eyeshadow can be... tricky. Either it's too pigmented or too faint, quick to fade or impossible to remove, way overpriced or noticeably cheap—you get the gist. Finding a shadow worth loving is rare! So when I heard that Kosas' cult-favorite liquid eyeshadow was making a comeback, it didn't take any convincing for me to give it a whirl. (And I mean "whirl" in the most literal sense—the applicator wand for this gel watercolor shadow is definitely whirl-worthy.)

Founded in 2015, Kosas is known for their clean beauty philosophy and gorgeous formulas. And their best-selling 10-Second Eyeshadow, appropriately named for its 10-second application process, is the prime example of both coming together beautifully. In 2020, when the brand first launched its liquid formula, the richly-pigmented and easy-to-apply shadows were an instant favorite. Plus, the wide color range was ideal for anyone searching for a bolder look, sans the effort.

But the first iteration of the product was missing something that the relaunch is more than ready to make up for: a range of neutrals. "In the original formula, the shade Globe [an iridescent champagne color] was a cult favorite, and we had a lot of customers requesting more neutral shades," Sheena Yaitanes, the founder of Kosas, explains to Byrdie.

So, why not give the customers exactly what they want? Apparently, Yaitanes had the same thought, which is why the brand is relaunching the new-and-improved 10-Second Eye Gel Watercolor Eyeshadow ($15) today with a lineup of dimensional neutral colors. "The six new shades are neutrals but hotter—wearable and easy, sexy and never boring," she says. Who knew 10 seconds could be so rewarding?

Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow


Kosas 10-Second Eye Gel Watercolor Eyeshadow

Best For: Eyes

Key Ingredients: Jojoba oil, orange flower water, shea butter, and galactoarabinan

Why We Love It: Creaseless formula, long-lasting pigment, and easy application

Byrdie Clean? Yes

Price: $15

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The Inspiration

Kosas' 10-Second Eyeshadow was designed to make eyeshadow application less stressful without sacrificing any of the ~drama~. "Eyeshadow can be so complicated with all the palettes and tools and application instructions. 10-Second Eye was my solution," Yaitanes says. "I wanted to create an eyeshadow with beautiful payoff but without the time and fuss of brushes and step-by-step instructions."

Woman applying Kosas 10-second eyeshadow


That mission was accomplished with the first 10-Second Eyeshadow launch, so what makes this new edition hype-worthy? According to Yaitanes, this time around the liquid eyeshadow is even easier to use than before. But the main difference between this launch and the original comes down to wearability. Neutrals are ultra-versatile, after all.

By introducing a new range of subtle yet sparkly shades, Kosas made a line for fans of the "loose, easy, undone look," aka the ever-elusive no-makeup makeup effect. Yaitanes adds, "The dimensional neutral shades go with everything, from sweatpants to special occasions." (Ahem, let the record show, there's no rule saying you can't wear a bright jewel-toned shadow with sweats... but I digress.)

The Formula

When it comes to best-sellers, you don't want to mess with what the people love. So for this relaunch, maintaining the best aspects of the original 10-Second Eyeshadow liquid formula—"the freedom, looseness, and easy one-and-done application," per Yaitanes—was everything.

Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow
Kosas 10-Second Eye Gel Watercolor Eyeshadow $15.00

But it's not all about convenience. The new 10-Second Eye is also full of nourishing ingredients. "The lightweight gel formula is packed with active ingredients like anti-aging galactoarabinan, vitamin-rich jojoba oil, and brightening orange flower water," Yaitanes explains. Turns out, giving your eyelids some TLC doesn't have to mean expensive ointments or thick creams. It can actually be pretty, shimmery, and under $20.

Our Review

Hannah Kerns, Beauty News Writer

Woman wearing Kosas eyeshadow

Hannah Kerns / Unsplash

Even though I'm usually not a huge eyeshadow fan (see: the blending process, the wasted brushes, the messing-up-and-realizing-I-have-to-start-my-makeup-routine-over), this 10-Second Eye might convert me.

When it comes to shadow, I know that neutral tones—especially golds and pinks—are my BFFs. And this color (I used the shade Fiery, BTW) is proof of why. I love the way it played against my eye color and skin tone. It wasn't too overpowering or sparkly, either, just a nice, tinted glimmer that added a subtle little oomph to my daily mascara-and-concealer makeup routine. Safe to say, this shadow is about to become a standard go-to for whenever I want to feel a little more done up without ditching my lazy girl makeup roots.

Jesa Marie Calaor, Editor

Woman wearing Kosas eyeshadow

Jesa Marie Calaor / Unsplash

I don’t wear eyeshadow often because of how it quickly creases in my lids. I never have to worry about that with this liquid shadow from Kosas. I sweep it on, wait two seconds, and tap it across my lids quickly before it sets. Once it does, the formula creates an immovable, weightless wash of color that sparkles.

Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor

Woman wearing Kosas eyeshadow

Karli Bendlin / Unsplash

After hearing so many good things about Kosas' original 10-Second Eyeshadow, I was beyond excited to try their new iteration—to the point where I literally ripped open the box and swiped it on the moment I received. However, after rubbing the gel formula across my eye lids, I was initially underwhelmed. Much of the pigment came off on my fingers, and what was left beyond was barely visible. Determined to understand what the hype was about, I did a little digging (aka looked at the Kosas website) and realized the product comes with instructions: you're supposed to apply the shadow, wait 5-10 seconds for it to dry a bit, and then tap—not swipe—the product in.

On my second go, I followed the directions and was blown away by the difference—the shadow blended much more easily and was way more pigmented after I let it dry and tapped it in. And while the shadow is definitely subtle (if you're looking for a highly photogenic, noticeable sparkle, look elsewhere), I was obsessed with the finished result. The light wash of color really enhanced my eyes and made them pop. It's the perfect daytime eye product, especially for anyone like me who's slightly intimated by traditional shadow.

Olivia Hancock, Editor

Woman wearing Kosas 10-second eyeshadow

Olivia Hancock / Unsplash

Kosas' 10-Second Eyeshadow adds an effortless vibrance to my eyes. Each shade delivers a natural wash of color, making it the perfect choice for an everyday makeup look. The pigment easily glides onto my lid and I appreciate how it dries down quickly without any messiness. As someone who wears contacts, a fallout-free, non-irritating eyeshadow is always a winner in my book.

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