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So you’ve just used the very last drop of your face cleanser. Or perhaps you’ve hit bottom on your moisturizer. Or maybe your eye cream has seen better days. Whatever the case may be, before you go back and buy the exact same product, ask yourself this: Does it work as well as it claims? If your answer is no, then it’s time to rethink your skincare routine, and lucky for you, we have just the brand to help. 

Have you heard of Korres? The Greek skincare brand has been around for over two decades and remains a popular European destination for quality, apothecary-inspired products. Best of all, thanks to its natural formulations, which tend to be fragrance-free, many of the brand’s products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. So, without further ado, keep reading to learn more about Korres and to uncover our favorite products from the brand.


Founded: Georgios Korres and Lena Philippou Korres, 1996

Based In: Athens, Greece

Pricing: $$$

Best Known For: Providing natural, apothecary-inspired skincare products that have a minimalist, European feel 

Most Popular Product: Wild Rose Sleeping Facial, Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser, Black Pine 360 Eye Lift Serum

Fun Fact: “Back 25 years ago, when we started our brand out of our original herbal-homeopathic apothecary, we had no business plan whatsoever,” explains Lena Philippou Korres, a chemical engineer and co-founder of Korres. “We just had deep knowledge and respect for natural ingredients and a huge demand from our apothecary clientele for skincare solutions. Our first products were made in our small pharmacy lab in plain jars with a handwritten label and needed to be refrigerated. Our customers got excited, word of mouth brought people from all over Greece, and soon our products became the talk of the town.” 

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Overall, Korres is inspired by Greece, nature, science, and the founders’ apothecary heritage. “We were motivated by our belief in the power of natural ingredients as we know them from our herbal remedies, and that combined with the latest scientific advancements, they can provide the answer to every skin need,” Korres shares. “Our philosophy is to create safe and clinically effective natural products, made consciously and with noble, iconic design, that give people everyday happiness.”

What sets the brand apart from other skincare markets is that it was literally founded out of the oldest herbal-homeopathic apothecary of Greece, which undoubtedly lends to the brand’s efficacious formulations. “We know natural ingredients inside out; how they work in our body taken orally as remedies; and how they work on our skin,” Korres explains. “Based on our knowledge of more than 3,000 herbal remedies, we are creating safe, effective, natural skincare solutions.”

But it’s not just the formulas themselves that are awe-inspiring—it’s the entire process of creating and disposing of them. “Our Full Circle process is a universe that includes everyone and everything,” Korres says. “From the local organic farmers who cultivate our ingredients to our zero-waste plant processing, our academic and research partners, product formulation and production, design of sustainable packaging solutions, and finally recycling our empties. This is the Korres way of creating a product. Everything is made in-house, led by our own team, with full ownership and responsibility.”

And now that you’re likely fully intrigued by the brand, read on for our favorite Korres products.

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Korres Apothecary Wild Rose Brightening Sleeping Facial Night Cream

KORRES Wild Rose Sleeping Facial
Korres Apothecary Wild Rose Brightening Sleeping Facial Night Cream $48.00

Ever since this product launched back in 2012, Korres says that it’s been a top-seller for the brand. In fact, as one of the first sleeping facials on the market, it helped launch the category in the beauty market as a whole. As for the product itself, it’s divine. Featuring the faintest rose scent, this vitamin C–infused overnight promises to welcome plump, glowing skin by morning. Needless to say, it quickly earned a place among my favorite nighttime skincare products.

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Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

KORRES Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser
Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser $28.00

Oftentimes "cream" and "foaming" don't go together in a single cleanser, which is likely why this yogurt-based face wash is such a cult-fave. Beloved by literally thousands of shoppers, the creamy cleanser is made with real edible yogurt, which Korres says was inspired by "the very Greek memory of grandmas slapping yoghurt out of the fridge on our back to remedy sunburn." With this in mind, the cleanser promises to hydrate and soothe skin, as well as remove makeup and reduce redness—something those of us with rosacea can greatly appreciate.

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Korres Black Pine 3D Eye-Lift Super Serum

KORRES Eye Serum
Korres Black Pine 3D Eye-Lift Super Serum $61.00

Here we have another Korres product that I've grown to use daily. While it's said to address signs of aging all around the eye with continued use, my favorite thing about this eye serum is that it's slightly pearlized, so even though it may require continued use for a lasting effect, immediately upon application it works to plump and brighten the eye area, in my experience. What's more, the brand is fully aware of just how beloved the formula is—it's been Korres' #1 bestseller for years, according to the brand—so it crafted the packaging to lock in every last drop for use. As a result, in order to use it, you have to twist the bottom to unlock the tube, and then press out however much you want to use. I've found that one pump is typically more than enough.

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Korres Pomegranate Pore Blurring Gel Moisturizer

KORRED Pore Blurring Gel Moisturizer
Korres Pomegranate Pore Blurring Gel Moisturizer $36.00

Let me be clear: I love this pore-blurring gel moisturizer. Despite its lightweight gel formula, which sinks quickly into skin, it feels rich (almost resembling a pudding-like consistency). It has a very light, botanical scent and helps to not only blur pores but mattify shine, too. As someone with a progressively oily T-zone throughout the day, I'm a big fan.

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KORRES Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream

KORRES Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream
Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream $39.00

As much as I enjoy the pore-blurring gel moisturizer, this probiotic gel-cream is another top pick for its equally thick-yet-lightweight formula. It just feels rich—but never so much that it weighs down my skin. Whereas the gel formula is particularly great for oily-prone skin types, the yogurt base promises to make it a dream for anyone with redness (hi, hello, it's me).

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Korres Apothecary Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Spotless Serum

KORRES Vitamin C
Korres Apothecary Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Spotless Serum $68.00

Hands-down my favorite thing about this vitamin C serum is how quickly (and how well) the product sinks into skin. Unlike many other vitamin C serums, this wild rose–infused serum never leaves my skin sticky, nor does it pill when layered under moisturizer or other products. In short, it's a dream.

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Korres Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir

KORRES Golden Krocus Elixir
Korres Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir $98.00

Like the 3D Eye Serum, this Elixir has a subtle, shimmery appeal that instantly makes skin glow. Of course, it is meant to offer more than just immediate effects. When used over time, the anti-aging serum is said to brighten, plump, and smooth skin, all while promising to protect it from free radicals and other aging aggressors.

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Korres Black Pine Plump-Up Sleeping Facial

KORRES Plump-Up Sleeping Facial
Korres Black Pine Plump-Up Sleeping Facial $68.00

If, come nighttime, my skin is looking a bit tired and deflated, I've found that this plumping overnight facial can help. By slathering a light layer of the rich, creamy product onto my skin, I can rest easy knowing that my complexion will look boosted and ready to take on the day come morning. I like to use it on fresh skin, going over nothing but the accompanying Black Pine Eye Serum.

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Korres Apothecary Wild Rose Brilliant Priming Gel-Moisturizer

KORRES Priming Moisturizer
Korres Apothecary Wild Rose Brilliant Priming Gel-Moisturizer $39.00

Yet another Korres moisturizer that I adore is this priming one, which I reserve for days and nights when I plan to actually get dolled up. The shimmering, champagne-colored moisturizer blends easily into skin, leaving behind a smooth, radiant complexion that looks virtually poreless. Best of all, when using it, I find that my face makeup lasts longer, with less oiliness shining through hours later—a win in my book. (Just be sure to let it dry before applying your makeup—though, that's a given with all moisturizers.)

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Korres Black Pepper Eau de Toilette

KORRES Black Pepper Fragrance
Korres Black Pepper Eau de Toilette $54.00

While Korres is known for its skincare, the brand recently released fragrances and, my god, are they good. The Black Pepper Eau de Toilette is warm and spicy and smells a whole lot more expensive than it is. One word to the wise: Spritz it sparingly. Truly, a single spritz (sprayed into the air and walked through, not even directly to skin) will do, and it will last for hours.

Korres also has a variety of shower gels, scrubs, hand creams, and more. Do yourself a favor and check out the brand today.

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